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Ideal Plants to Grow
Orchids are ideal plants to grow for hobbyists and commercial growers, read on to know more on this.

Some More Winter Flowering Orchids Species
A list of orchids which flower in winters.

Winter Flowering Orchids
A list of tropical and sub-tropical orchids which tolerate low temperatures to some extent and flower in winters.

Caring for Orchids in Winter
Orchids can not tolerate low temperatures. They need extra care to survive in winters. Learn how to help your orchids survive this season.

Similar Looking Orchids
Many orchids look very similar to each other, not only is their vegetative structure similar but their flowers also look quite similar to each other. How do you identify these? One such group is found in Aerides.

Medicinal Uses of Orchids
Apart from beauty, orchids have number of other uses. Most of these uses are known to the local people. Fortunately, this knowledge is now being documented. Here is a list of some orchids which are used as medicine and in some cases as food.

How to Maintain an Orchid Journal
Track the growth of your orchids by writing a regular journal. Keep a record of watering schedule, fertilizing practices followed, pests and diseases attacks and their control, etc. So that next time you are able to avoid wrong practices and are able to successfully grow healthy orchids.

Orchid Glossary (Terms related to structure)
While reading literature on orchids, do you find it difficult to decipher the mentioned terms? In this article, I have explained some of the terms related to structure, which may have been difficult to understand.

Re-Potting Your Orchids
Repotting your orchid is essential for maintaining good growth and healthy orchids.

Fragrant Orchids
Some orchids produce wonderful fragrances, though obnoxious smelling orchids also exist. I have put together a list of some orchids which produce fragrances.

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