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Scallop Red Curry
Exciting scallop curry is the perfect entree for a Thai meal. You can use either diver scallops or the small Bay Scallops as your prefer.

Calamari Fried Rice
This quick and easy authentic Thai fried rice is sure to please your family and friends. Use your choice of seasonal vegetables, tofu, or seafood to create an awesome flavourful meal or side dish using chilled left over rice.

Larb Bites
This Thai appetizer, Larb Bites, is the perfect finger food for parties. The crunchy texture on the outside of the Larb Bites gives way to a burst of Thai flavours that is sure to please family and friends. This is the perfect tasty snack to serve with your favourite beverage.

Pork Salad
Pork Salad (Mu Laab) is a very popular dish in the Northeast of Thailand called Isan. Thai salads are the hottest part of a Thai meal, but you can easily adjust the heat to your taste. This salad is perfect as an eat-out-hand lettuce wrap appetizer.

Green Curry with Seafood
Seafood Green Curry (Aban Talay Gaeng Khiew Wan ) is one of the best of all Thai curries!

Seafood Green Curry with Vegetables
Aamazing green curry with a mixture of seafood is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters!

Pork in Red Curry
This fragrant red curry is the perfect background for pork. Pork Red Curry has long been a family favourite. Red curry is the easiest of all curries to make whether just using a prepared red curry paste or one you lovingly pound in your mortar with pestle.

Pork in Red Curry with Bamboo Shoots
The combination of pork and bamboo in a coconut milk red curry is so wonderful! This easy meal can be made in less than 20 minutes! Start the Jasmine Rice and by the time the rice is cooked you will have this easy to make curry ready for lunch or dinner.

Pomelo and Grilled Shrimp Salad
This is one of our favouite Thai salads. The combination of the grilled shrimp with pomelo, tomato, mint and peanuts dressed in lime juice has an amazing flavour. This salad is great as a lunch entree or first course for a Thai meal.

Thai Dipping Sauces
Dipping Sauces are key to Thai meals, especially with finger foods. Here are four tasty Thai Dipping Sauce recipes you will love!

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