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Borders and Shading Using MS Word 2007
Borders and shading tools can be used to enhance or spice up your document, whether it be a business proposal that could use a little beautifying or a party invitation that needs to look like it is going to be lots of fun! With the options available you can do both plus a lot more!

Creating Decorative Bullets in Word 2007
Instead of the usual round black bullet point, how about a different shape, or color, or dingbat or picture, to make your bullet list stand out and draw more attention to it? In Word 7 you can do this very easily.

Using Word 2007 Font Options
Word 7 has lots of ways to enhance text in your documents. We all know about boldface, italics and underscore, and maybe have ventured and added color to our text. But have you explored some of the other options such as scaling, adding a drop shadow or embossing your text?

Using Word 2007 Clipboard Commands
There are a lot of people who use Word. But how many people actually know how to use all the functions that Word has to offer? Even if you are a seasoned user of word processing software, as I am, with software constantly being updated, there are always new things to learn.

Using Writing and Research Aides
Enhancing and editing your writing is easier than ever before. With so much available at your fingertips today with word processing programs that have spelling and grammar checks and the internet for researching, there is no need to buy a set of encyclopedias any more.

Making Bookmarks from Digital Photographs
Using your photographs to create bookmarks is not only fun but it's a great way to show your photography skills as well as create individual gifts for family and friends. You can also use them as promotional giveaways to your clients or party favors!

Enhance Clip Art Using Photoshop
When using clip art it is always good to make enhancements to it to make it look original. Changing color, rotating or mirror-imaging it, adding a drop shadow, enhancing it enough so that your added touch gives it its own unique look. Here are some suggestions to use in Photoshop to do just that!

Graphic Design Cookbook Review
So are you staring at a blank page or screen wondering how you are going to start your next desktop publishing project? Graphic Design Cookbook has over a thousand images of ideas including borders, layouts, graphic elements and much more to spark your creative mind.

Making Text Pop in Photoshop
Would you like to add some dimension to your title, headline or call to action in your publication? Photoshop has some great features for adding drop shadows, beveling and embossing your text, adding color, gradient and texture overlays, blending and more.

Preparing Images and Publications for Printing
When creating a publication it is good to know whether the it is going to be viewed on the Internet or printed. If printed, will the publication be printed in black and white or in color? If color, spot or full color? Knowing this ahead of time will help you in preparing your publication.

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