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Rodent Supplies
Here is the place for safe rodent supplies for your hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, gerbils, chinchillas, hedgehogs, and other rodents including safe cages and accessories.

Hamster Bonding and Health Issues
Learn how to bond with your pet hamster as well as keeping him or her safe and healthy. Handling him or her and playing with him or her will increase both yours and your hamster's confidence. How do you catch a hamster that has escaped?

Below ZERO Ready for No Electricity?
As the thermostat plunges way below zero I wonder how many people have thought about their pets if they should lose electrical power. Are you ready? Think clearly and concisely, if the electric went out right now for a few days will your pets survive? It is our responsibility to protect their lives.

Crayfish - Crayfish as a Pet
Quite by accident, I ended up with a crawdad which joined our family as a pet. He learned or should I say he taught us to hand feed him worms. He was quite interactive and clearly showed signs of intelligence. I grew very attached to the little guy.

Free Exotic Pet Post Cards
Send Exotic Splendor to Your Friends and Loved Ones Free! A simple thank you, I am thinking about you, or just want to show or to appreciate an act of kindness; what better way than to send a beautiful-original postcard. I think this sounds like a wonderful way to start the year out right.

Hermit Crabs - Hermit Crabs as Pets
How to care for the pet hermit crab. Herbit crab care and hermit crab information. Using some careful thought and creativity, you can turn their new home into a miniature replica of their natural habitat and create a great learning tool for children. Hermit crab pictures.

Guinea Pig - Health Information
How to bond with and train your pet guinea pig, How to groom, and take care of the guinea pigs constantly growing teeth. What antibiotics will kill your guinea pig? Guinea pigs do not perspire learn what temperature is safe for the pet guinea pig. Guinea pig health information.

Turtles and Tortoise – Children’s Pet House
The Children’s Pet House series continues as we learn about turtles; and, how to properly care for the pet turtle. We will learn the difference between land and water turtles. We will learn how each turtle species has different food needs, enclosure needs, heat needs, and humidity needs.

PETA - Animal Rights
Pet owners that donate to PETA actually believe their money is going to saving pets while in fact it goes to killing pets. These documents clearly showed that PETA killed 90% of the dogs, cats, and other companion pets (exotic pets) during a five year period. What is animal rights?

Piranha - Piranhas - Pets
Piranhas are not a social fish the main reason they tend to travel in schools is self preservation. The rather hyped up persona from movies are of piranhas that live in large schools. A few piranhas in an aquarium, especially when unfamiliar with their surroundings could deliver a nasty bite.

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