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Reptiles - Pet Reptiles
Are you considering a reptile as a pet? Will it be a snake, iguana, gecko, bearded dragon, turtle, or many other species of the reptile family? Maybe I can help you make a choice. How to choose a pet reptile. What are their individual needs?

What Pet Do You Choose
Let's look at the most common pets to see if they would be a good choice for our families, our households, and our lifestyles. Then we will compare exotic pets. There is almost always a pet for someone. It may not be a dog, cat, bird, parrot or fish it may be an exotic pet. What pet do you choose?

Kinkajous - Pet Kinkajous
The sweet docile kinkajous with the velvety feeling fur is about as cute as animal as an animal can get - maybe the bush baby is as cute. The Kinkajou originate from the rainforest and lives mostly on fruit, flowers, and nectar. The pet kinkajous looks and acts like the animals from Avatar.

Animal Cruelty - Animal Abuse
I have an assignment for you. It should be quite interesting. April is Animal Cruelty Prevention Month. What would it FEEL like to be treated with this intentional cruelty? Is there a such thing as unintentional cruelty? Animal abuse is just plain wrong!

Earth Day - How Have Humans Impacted the Earth?
I have been pondering how I could have an impact on bringing awareness; encourage appreciation, and help preserve our beautiful planet. Everyday, not just Earth Day. How can you help? For humans, pets, and exotic pets how can we bring awareness that we are destroying our planet?

Patagonian Cavy - Patagonian Cavies
The Patagonian Cavy is probably one of the sweetest most gentle of pets you will find. The cavy is a highly social animal and are not a pet for a person that must be gone much of the time. Exotic pet Patagonian Cavies can be trained to use the litter box, leash trained, and more.

Animal Stories - Free Range or Caged - Exotic Pets
Should an exotic pet have free range or be caged? After having a rabbit in the dryer, a raccoon that called 911, or a rat on the roof. Rats shouldn't fly and there is a rumor that skunks don't climb. Enjoy the light hearted humor about a serious subject.

Mongoose - Mongoose as a Pet
The mongoose can make a lovable pet if socialized from a kit. It is possible to find mongooses for sale and mongoose breeders. Many countries do not allow them as pets. Start by learning if they are legal in your country and then check local government laws. Learn about diet and vaccinations.

Critter Camp - Unadoptable Exotic Pets
Discarded pets have a home where they are well cared for and loved. Maybe they no longer recognize the concept of love because of past abuse, neglect, and trauma. Who is the angel behind Critter Camp? Director Beth Randall, "They get to live the life they deserve; safe, happy, and loved."

Pet Turtles - Children's Pet House
This article explores the semi-aquatic turtle (such as the red eared slider) as a possible pet for a child. The care and equipment involved in taking care of a pet turtle. Children learning, children having fun with a lot of love and respect mixed in. Learn about the semi-aquatic turtle.

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