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Fat Pets – Obesity
It stands to reason if we are fat, our kids are fat our pets will be obese too. How can we overcome this vicious circle? We feel lousy. Do you remember that feeling of euphoria that we got during fun physical activity? It doesn’t matter, pets or exotic pets our animals have a serious problem!

Plants That Eat Animals - Carnivorous Plants
The creature was tricked into entering the jaws of the monster. He was trapped. The fiend digested his victim. What is this awful monster? It wasn't a T-Rex. The victim suffered the indignity of being eaten by a plant. Latest in exotic pets - carnivorous plants.

Rats – Ratties Perhaps the Perfect Exotic Pets
Are there any exotic pets that could be the perfect pet? Rats or ratties certainly come close. They are sweet, intelligent, gentle, and make a great companion or friend. The rat can also be a trustworthy confidant for a child, teenager, or adult that needs a friend.

Opossum - Possum - Pet Opossum
The pet opossum, also known as a pet possum, makes a delightful pet despite of their gruff exterior. Opossums like to growl and hiss but their really quite a gentle critter. Germany had the perfect possum ambassador, Heidi, a cross eyed opossum. Enjoy the videos and pictures.

Clone Your Own Exotic Pets - Cloning
Exotic Pets have already been cloned. Are you aware of the two domestic ferrets, Lilly and Libby that have been cloned? What is a clone? Under what circumstances is cloning ethical? Should you be able to reproduce your beloved pet that has died? Why not clone your own exotic pets?

Animals That Save Lives
Again, this week we pay tribute to animals. Last week we honored animals that serve. This week we look at the many animals that save human lives. Through human history there have been so many animals that have saved lives, I doubt if there is a number to describe the many. Inspirational, enjoy!

Exotic Pets - Animals That Serve
Few people realize that exotic animals can help people with disabilities lead a happier and richer life; allowing them independence they would not have had without these service exotic animals. Miniature horses, monkeys to ferrets, allow the dignity these folks ought to have.

Ferrets - A Complete Guide Paperback and Kindle
My book Ferrets: A Complete Guide is now available in paperback and on Kindle. The book has all five star reviews. You will find the book to be an excellent resource for beginning ferret owners. In addition, for experienced ferret owners.

Sugar Glider - Sugar Gliders as Pets
One of the sweetest of exotic pets is the pet sugar glider. They are very intelligent and social animals. They have very different care needs than many animals. You cannot just pour a bowl of cat or dog food, and fill a dish of water, they have very special needs! What is a Sugar Glider?

Corn Snake - Corn Snakes as Pets
A corn snake is an excellent beginner snake because they have a docile temperament. In addition, the corn snake are great ambassadors to introduce to people that are afraid of snakes. Snakes are probably one of the most misconstrue living things on earth.

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