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Martial Arts Training Does Not Make You a Fighter
Just because you train in Martial Arts, are you automatically a fighter? No. Find out why not.

Martial Arts Year in Review -- 2006
Take a moment as we begin a New Year to review 2006 in Martial Arts.

Enter the Dragon - Movie Review
One of the best Martial Arts movies ever, Enter the Dragon is a classic well worth watching.

Cardiovascular Training in Martial Arts
Do you train cardio in Martial Arts? You should consider it. Some tips and information on cardio training in Martial Arts.

Can You Train in Martial Arts Via Video?
It seems common these days and in this world of technology to consider training through videos or even the newer technology of podcasts. But the question remains, how effective is this form of training?

Why Practice Martial Arts to a Beat
Practicing Martial Arts to a beat seems counter-productive to the very nature of Martial Arts -- combat. Yet, you still need to do it and there is much to learn from practicing to a beat.

Martial Arts and Eating
When one is training in Martial Arts, it’s important to remember not only the physical aspects of your activity on the ring but off the ring as well. In particular today I’m going to talk a bit about eating proper.

Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior New TV Show
The Disney Channel is introducing anew show in their line-up this year that features a female Martial Artist.

Marital Arts and Religion
In traditional Asian Martial Arts, you find predominantly three schools of thought that were the primary influences upon its inception: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.

Gim - Martial Arts Weapon
One of my favorite weapons, the gim is a beautiful long sword used in many Chinese Martial Arts styles.

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