Martial Arts and Eating

Martial Arts and Eating
When one is training in Martial Arts, it’s important to remember not only the physical aspects of your activity on the ring but off the ring as well. In particular today I’m going to talk a bit about eating proper.

In today’s world of epidemic obesity problems, it seems that if you’re at least physically active you should have a leg up on beating the problem. But if you look around at the Martial Arts arena, you will quickly see that even we are not free of the issue of obesity.

Being obese does not speak directly to your skill as a Martial Artist. The skill of Martial Arts, the techniques and forms, are learned on the training floor. They speak to training the body to moving in certain fashion and recognizing certain patterns.

With that being said, I wouldn’t be hesitant to say that a Martial Arts Master should also be a master not only in these basic body movements, but also other aspects of the Art. One very important aspect is taking care of the body, the vessel by which we can perform.

Obesity is on the rise and there’s no doubt that society has stepped up and taken notice. Every other week there’s a news program on the growing problem. Every other week there’s some new fade or craze diet that is said to defeat the issue. I’m not here to tell you what works and what doesn’t, but as a martial artist, there are certain areas that are critical to ensure we maintain our bodies to perform and train.

Drink lots of fluids
This goes for any physical activity you might participate. It’s crucial to always have enough fluids in your body. After all, 70% of our body is liquid. With that being said, try to avoid diuretics, such as alcohols, sodas and coffees. They will only dry you out in the end. Keep a water bottle or drink nearby whenever you train to stay hydrated.

Avoid excess
Whatever diet you might fall under or whatever craze you want to follow (or not follow), the bottom line almost always boils down to excess. Moderate what you take in to find balance in your eating just as you might in your training.

Fast food control
I’m as guilty as the next in craving that burger or fast food joint every so often. And in all honesty, in small doses, it’s okay. But when majority of our diet consists of just fast foods, how can we expect to be healthy? This goes back to the previous statement, Avoid Excess.

Eating is the key to living
I’m always scared when I hear about diets that ask you to stop eating almost all together. The body needs energy. It needs fuel. Food is the fuel that keeps it running. If you’re training in Martial Arts, you need to eat. If you don’t eat, you’re likely to pass out on the training floor. Besides, there are countless studies that prove binging and purging never accomplishes anything when it comes to weight control.

Ultimately, each of is an individual and we each have a different body type and lifestyle. Both of these will affect our weight and our physical appearance. But in order to be a true Martial Arts Master, one must not only master the things on the training floor – one must consider the proper care and maintenance of the body off the floor as well.

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