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The Martial Arts Relationship - Honeymoon
Continuing a series of articles. A Martial Arts relationship goes through many stages and grows over time. This part covers the "marriage" and "honeymoon" to Martial Arts.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Coming To Broadway
There are plans in the works to bring the blockbuster, Martial Arts film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to the Broadway stage.

Website Review - Focus101.Net
Focus101 is a site with a powerful message -- how Martial Arts can help survivors of domestic violence. Find out more about them here.

Good Competition Protocol - Martial Arts
But achieving good protocol and etiquette is not only important in your development as a martial artist, it is an easy object to maintain.

Battle at the Boardwalk Martial Arts Event
On February 17-19, 2006, Battle at the Boardwalk is going to invade Atlantic City, New Jersey. This gala event is going to be probably one of the biggest they’ve held in New Jersey to date.

The Martial Arts Relationship - Courtship
Experiencing Martial Arts is a lot building a relationship. The first in this series will explore the initial phase I like to call the "Courtship".

Make Martial Arts Part of Your New Year
It’s not too late to still firm up your New Year’s resolutions and make Martial Arts a part of it all!

Martial Arts Movie review -- 2005
A brief moment as we begin the New Year to review the Martial Arts movies of and the state of Martial Arts in movies in 2005.

Pat Morita, Karate Kid Star, dies at 73
On November 25, 2005, Pat Morita died at the age of 73. While not a Martial Artist by trade, he will forever by remembered at the lovable Miyagi in The Karate Kid series of movies.

Nunchaku - Martial Arts Weapon
From comedy routines to stars like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, the Nunchaku have helped to distinguish Martial Arts from other forms of fighting.

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