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Martial Arts and the Internet
A view of how Martial Arts and the Internet have evolved together.

Iron Fan - Martial Arts Weapon
One of the beautiful martial arts weapon, the fan or iron fan can flick deadly force with the grace of a dance.

Introduction to Weapons in Martial Arts
Weapons play a big part in many different styles of Martial Arts. Each weapon has a unique history and special techniques associated with the item.

A Call to Martial Artists to Help
Training in the Arts is not just about kicks and punches, it´s also about living. Now is the time to reach out your compassion and help others.

Compassion and Martial Arts
Living the Martial Arts way means more than just showing up to class. It’s more than just the forms or the techniques. Living Martial Arts is also about community and reaching out to help others.

At What Age to Start Martial Arts?
What age should you start your child on Martial Arts? Here is some explanations and thoughts behind the different recommendations available.

Hong Kong to Honor Martial Arts Legend
Despite being dead since 1973, Bruce Lee lives on in the hearts of many all around the world. This year, 2005, has proven to be a big year for the Martial Arts master and movie star. But things couldn´t be more exciting as Hong Kong honors the legendary man with a statue.

Yoga and Martial Arts
Discover why Yoga can be an important part of your Martial Arts training and where you can find more information.

Debunking Martial Arts Myths
There are many myths and excuses for not starting Martial Arts. Have you run across them? Is that what´s stopping you from starting Martial Arts? Here are the answers to answers to some common myths and excuses.

Martial Arts Uniforms
Uniforms are an important part of Martial Arts.

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