Debunking Martial Arts Myths

Debunking Martial Arts Myths
There are many myths and excuses for not starting Martial Arts. Have you run across them? Is that what's stopping you from starting Martial Arts? Here are the answers to answers to some common myths and excuses.

Martial Arts is just for men/boys.
    Quite on the contrary. Martial Arts is for everyone, young, old, male or female. In China today, it's not uncommon for both boys and girls to practice together. Even in ancient times, there are many legends and stories about powerful female Martial Artists. One of the most famous is the basis for a style of Chinese Martial Arts, Wing Chun. Another Disney made a movie about, Mulan.

Martial Arts goes against my religion.
    I personally find this comment strange. Martial Arts isn't particularly centered in one religion or another. There are spiritual aspects that are involved in certain styles, but that doesn't mean it is something you have to practice or follow. In fact, these days there are so many different styles out there, that there is one for everyone.

I don't like physical combat, I don't want to spar of fight anyone. I'm too old/inflexible to do back flips and all those acrobatic moves.
    That's perfectly fine. Then it's important to find a style that fits you and what you're seeking. Again, there are so many styles out there it's just a matter of finding the right one for you. Even within a style, there are many variations and degrees of what you can get involved with. The important part is simply to talk with your potential teacher or current teacher and discuss what it is you're looking for. Communication is important in life and in Martial Arts.

It's too expensive.
    Martial Arts isn't just about an activity, like going to the movies. Martial Arts is about becoming healthier and stronger as a person. There's more to Martial Arts than just kicks and punches. Most, if not all, styles of Martial Arts offers great cardiovascular workout and builds self esteem. With the world as it is today, filled with rising medical costs and many social issues around esteem, I'm not sure anyone can afford not to pay attention to getting involved with helpful activities. Besides, if cost is truly an issue, which it is for some people, there are many free clinics or reduced cost events that one can attend when given. Check local YMCA's and youth centers for what's happening. Even just a few classes can help.

I started Martial Arts and stopped for awhile. I don't want to go back and have to start over again.
    If I said this even once in my Martial Arts career, I wouldn't be where I'm at. Martial Arts isn't an ego thing. And pride shouldn't get in the way of your training. I've started Martial Arts several times now and kept coming back to it. Even now, I'm a black sash and I very much believe that I have never stopped learning and I welcome the opportunity to learn something new, even if it means I'm the worst one at it. I willingly admit what I do and don't know how to do and welcome both my students and my teachers to show me more. So, even if you stop for a bit, there's no reason why you can't start again.

So now you're armed with some important facts to stop the excuses. Need more details on where to go now? Check out the articles under the Finding a School link. You'll also find a link in there helping describe many different styles available in Martial Arts, under the "What is…" series.

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