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Breaking Dawn - Part 2
Bella finds herself and the rest of the Cullen clan in danger when the Volturi come to eliminate Renesmee and anyone else who stands in their way. Try to find these movie mistakes while watching this finale to the Twilight Saga.

Nanny McPhee
Cedric Brown has his work cut out for him trying to handle his seven unruly children. But things change as soon as Nanny McPhee arrives on the scene. Try to find these movie mistakes while watching this family friendly film starring Emma Thompson, Colin Firth and Kelly Macdonald.

The Wizard Of Oz
The tale of Dorothy's trip to the magical land of Oz is a classic feature. Look for these movie mistakes while traveling down the yellow brick road. Watch out for the flying monkeys!

2012 - Skyfall
Bond has to protect M from a former agent who plans to destroy her and MI6 at all costs. Try to spy these movie mistakes in the "Skyfall" starring Daniel Craig.

Meeting his biggest fan isn't exactly the best thing that could happen to author Paul Sheldon. Watch out for these movie mistakes while watching the thriller "Misery".

Oscar Winning Movie Mistakes
The Oscars, the grand prize of the movie world, is known for awarding the best of the best of films. But have the Academy Awards ever made movie mistakes in picking some of its Best Picture winners?

The Artist
Silent screen star George Valentin's career implodes when "talkies" and Peppy Miller become the new hit. Try to find these movie mistakes in this Oscar winner!

The Hurt Locker
It's a difficult job for an elite bomb detonating Army unit in the war zone. Watch for these movie mistakes in the Oscar winning "The Hurt Locker" starring Jeremy Renner.

Shakespeare In Love
A young William Shakespeare is looking for a muse for his latest play. He immediately falls in love with Lady Viola De Lesseps who secretly wants to be a stage actor. Watch for these movie mistakes in the Oscar winning "Shakespeare in Love".

A Beautiful Mind
Things begin to fall apart for brilliant mathematician John Nash when mental illness makes him question what is real and what is in his mind. Watch for these movie mistakes while watching "A Beautiful Mind".

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