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The Lady Who Cried Murder Review
A reality show wannabe is found dead in her deceased mother's mansion. Spencer Police Chief David O'Callaghan and retired homicide detective Mac Faraday find they have quite a challenge on their hands as they try to solve this case.

Sweet Tea Revenge Review
The groom is dead, the bride is devastated and angry, and there is a murderer loose in Charleston. Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning helps Detective Tidwell sort out the numerous suspects, whether he wants her to or not.

Deadly Catch Review
Mac McClellan was honing his fly fishing skills in the waters of St. George Bay when he snagged what turned out to be the biggest shock of his life.

The Last Death of Jack Harbin Review
The small town of Jarrett Creek, Texas is shaken when Gulf War veteran Jack Harbin, blinded and paralyzed in the war, is brutally murdered in his own home.

Secretariat Reborn Review
Christian Roberts wants to honor his dying father's wishes, but his knowledge and experience with horse racing puts him at a disadvantage when he is dealing with unscrupulous players.

Deadly Diamonds Review
Lawyer Michael Knight unexpectedly finds himself going from helping a mob boss whose son was caught joy-riding, to trying to slow the illegal activity of the diamond fields run by an enslaved and deadly child-army in Sierra Leone.

Inherit the Dead Review
A young woman on the verge of inheriting hundreds of millions of dollars on her twenty-first birthday disappears. Private eye Perry Christo is relentless in his pursuit to locate the missing heiress.

Southside Review
LA Times gang reporter Michael Lyons was shot and almost killed leaving his favorite watering hole in the first of a series of attacks. After three deaths, Lyons connects them to his own shooting and the LA powers-that-be finally take notice.

Shattered Triangle Review
Three men, raised in the same neighborhood, take three different paths as adults. When tragedy strikes, they come together with a shared grief and shocking results.

The Devereaux Legacy Review
Leah Devereaux stands before a gravestone that shows her two parents, her grandmother, and Leah, herself, died thirty years ago. Only two died in the hurricane off the coast of South Carolina. Leah is determined to find out why she and her grandmother are also listed.

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