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Create Outlook 2010 Email Signatures
Learn how to create custom signatures for email messages in Microsoft Outlook 2010. Signatures appear at bottom of your email message and can include name, address, email address, pictures and links to websites.

iPad Review The Apps
This is the second article in the series about the iPad. This article explores some of my favorite apps that I have found for the iPad.

iPad Review The Basics
The iPad is a tablet computer designed by Apple that allows you to surf the web, check email, read books along with many other applications and usages. It is small and lightweight which make the device very portable and easy to use. Come read some more about the basics of device and what it can do.

Cloth Addiction Review
Fingerprints, oil, dirt and dust - what do these have in common? They make your screen, iPad, and eyeglasses dirty and unsightly. This can be fixed with the Cloth Addiction, a new microfiber cloth that takes removing fingerprints to a whole new level. Read my review to learn more about the cloth!

Using the Outlook Social Connector
Tracking all of your friends and contacts via social networking sites can be a time consuming task. Make life easier by using the Outlook Social Connector in Microsoft Outlook to track status updates, email and friends all from within Outlook.

Manage Windows 7 User Accounts
A user account in Windows 7 allows each user of a shared computer customize their own desktop and computing environment with their own settings and files. Come learn how to setup and manage user accounts in Windows 7 so each family member has their own customized environment.

Windows 7 Desktop Tips and Tricks
Take control of your desktop in Windows 7 with these tips and tricks that can help you get organized and work faster.

Add Internet Explorer Bookmarks to Windows Taskbar
Add your Internet Explorer Favorites site list to the Windows Start menu or taskbar for easy access to all your bookmarked websites.

Using Norton 360 Backup
Protect your data and files by performing regular backups of your data. Norton 360 makes baking up easy and virtually hands-free while added an extra layer of protection with online backup storage. Come read how to setup and use the backup feature of Norton 360.

Protect Data with Online Backups
Learn about good backup plans and procedures along with an explanation of online or cloud based backups and how using these services can help protect your data.

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