Cloth Addiction Review

Cloth Addiction Review

I dislike fingerprints. When I see fingerprints on glass, plastic or any other surface I need to remove the offending print as soon as possible. Now this may not seem like a bad habit or strange pet peeve but I work on other people’s computers all day so I come across A LOT of fingerprints.

The prints appear on screens, monitors, glasses, TVs – everywhere!  I usually carry a packet of cleaner that includes a wet wipe and a dry wipe so I can clean the offending fingerprints as I come across them. The problem with this type of cleaning is I need to always carry multiple packets so I don’t run out and for many surfaces using any type of moisture is a big no-no!

Along comes Cloth Addiction!

Cloth Addiction is a microfiber cloth that can be used on any screen including cell phones, monitors, TV’s and iPads. When I first received my microfiber cloth the first thing I noticed is how soft and smooth the cloth feels which made me concerned on how well it will clean. The second thing I notice is how large the cloth is, which I really like because small cloths are hard to hold and are useless on large surfaces such as TV screens.

I then started to use the Cloth Addiction cloth and I am a convert! I used the cloth to clean a multitude of different surfaces including a plasma TV, iPad, cell phone, computer screen and glasses. The cloth worked great in all instances with one caveat – stubborn stains such as dried food or very sticky substances did not come off with the cloth. In these instances I had to use a damp cloth to remove the offending stain.

With the exception of “baked” on or dry stains, which would be difficult for any dry cloth, the Cloth Addiction cloth removed fingerprints, dust and dirt with a minimal amount of effort. I was very impressed with the removal of fingerprints off of a plasma TV as other cloths I have used in the past required that I really rub to remove the prints which I don’t like to do on a plasma TV. The Cloth Addiction cloth easily removed the prints without having to rub very hard which I appreciated.

During my testing of the cloth I received a new iPad and my first reaction of the iPad is – I love it! My second reaction is how am going to keep the screen clean as after using it for a hour or two it is completely covered in fingerprints! I tried the cloth on the screen and it removed all the dirt, dust and fingerprints quickly and easily. Even better is the cloth is big enough to clean a large screen but small enough to store with iPad so I always have it with me.

In addition to doing a great job at cleaning the cloth is also smooth enough that it will not scratch the surface being cleaned which is important with electronic devices and eyeglasses. Another great feature of the cloth is that is machine washable so you can use it over and over again though I have not had to wash mine yet.

After using the Cloth Addiction for several weeks I am a convert and have to say that this is best cloth that I have used to clean my electronic devices. For additional information about the cloth or to order please visit or the Amazon link below. Happy cleaning!

* My Cloth Addiction cloth was provided free by C.T.A Products LLC

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