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How to make the base for ‘zurek’ soup
The recipe will tell you how to prepare the base for the sour soup that is very popular in Poland. As it takes couple days to get ready, it allows to plan the dinner couple days ahead. The base is very easy to make and is especially helpful for those who cannot simply purchase it in a shop.

‘Zurek’ soup recipe
This sour soup is known in Poland under various names, however, it is one of the most traditional dishes of the country. It you visit Poland, you must try it – especially that restaurants serve that soup in bread. But you may also try to cook it yourself.

Slavic goddess and Spring
Marzanna is a Slavic goddess that would be indentified with death and Winter. Slavs, missing Spring sun and being desperate for good harvest season, would drown the effigy of the goddess to arrange proper welcome for Spring. This custom is still celebrated in schools and kindergartens in Poland.

Anna Jagiellonka – king’s wife
Queen Anna was the last member of Jagiellon family. When her brother died, leaving no successors, there were plans to proclaim her the king of Poland and crown her together with her husband, that would be chosen by Polish nobles.

Kashubians in Poland
The ethnic group of Kashubians inhabits West coast of Baltic Sea within Poland's borders. They do not only keep their separate and unique identity through culture but also through the language they use. They are direct off-springs of Pomeranians, one of Slavic tribes.

Silesia region,
Silesia region,

Krupnik soup recipe
Poles love soups! In most of the houses the main meal of the day consists of two dishes, soup and the second dish. However, Polish soups are not soft creams but proper soups with various additions floating in the boullion.

Polish TV series
Polish TV series

Janusz Korczak, silent hero
When we talk about heroes of war, we usually think of people lighting In battles, leading the crowds to victory and showing resist towards the enemy. But there are also silent heroes who gave their life in the name of idea. One of them is Janusz Korczak.

Irena Sendler, Polish Hero
Mrs Sendler might not be know all around the world but she is surely one of people that Poland should be proud of. She saved many lives risking her own. She showed courage and will to do good. Forgotten for years, although she saved more Jews during Holocaust than Schindler.

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