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Loving Your Single Self
Being unhappy about being single can warp our priorities. We spend so much time and energy on finding ways to end being single, that we do not spend enough time creating lives for ourselves that have integrity, is fulfilling, and empowers us.

Hold On To Your Power
If you feel that you keep being disappointed with the people you are dating, take a step back from the situation and look at your ‘’list’’ of expectations. Here are a few things you can do that will help you stay centered while making your decision.

Being Single is Liberating
Sometimes it is just too easy to jump on a negative slide, throw your hands in the air and let it take you were it will. But it is important to rethink how you see yourself, and to change the negative ‘’self-talk.’’ Learn to enjoy your life and love yourself. As you are, right now.

Celebrating YOU on Valentine's Day
Being single on Valentine’s Day can mean spending time with friends eating chocolate and drinking champagne. In other words, all the essentials of life, all on the same day.

Take Charge of Your Life
Bouncing back from an emotional event takes careful, thoughtful, planning. But, we must back this courage up by treating ourselves to some emotional and physical ‘’healing.''

New Year - A New Life!
In order to become the person you want to be, you must balance your spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. You must place your self at the top of your resolutions list.

Personal Self-Fulfillment
The pursuit of happiness is not only for those in relationships, it is also for those who are single. Living life fully does not mean putting happiness on hold for the future. Here are a few tips on how to experience the present more positively, and change negative, false beliefs.

Holiday Singles
This time of year, the senses are overloaded with images of happy couples while holiday music and colorful lights fill the background. Having holiday fun is not just for couples and families. It’s time to put on your party dress and celebrate another fabulous year of Living Single!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Singles
I think books are magic. They can guide you through ways of eliminating self-defeating behavior patterns, make you laugh, or they can bring you closer to friends and loved ones using recipes. Here are some of my favorite ‘’Single Life’’ books for the holidays.

Being Single: Living Your Best Life!
There are no quick fixes or easy answers for changing our lives. But getting there should be half the fun. We do more growing and soul searching when we live alone. So why not make the best of your being single time?

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