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Word search (Sopa de letras) - Frutas y colores
Find seven fruits and five color but... in Spanish!

Exercises - Spanish Imperfect Tense
Practice what you have learned! Imperfect Tense Exercises.

Imperfect Indicative Tense - Conjugation.
The Spanish Imperfect tense is used to refer or talk about past actions that took place over an indeterminate period of time...

Crucigrama (Crossword) - I
Spanish Crossword - Crucigrama en español.

Exercises - Spanish Preterite Tenses
Practice what you have learned! This article contains four exercises; two of them are ´click and listen´ so that you can also practice, recognize and transcribe what you have already learned about Spanish preterite tenses. Good luck!

‘Click and Listen’ – Spanish Proper Nouns
So you want to know how these Spanish nouns are pronounced? Just click on them, listen and repeat!

Spanish Preterite. - Irregular Verbs (II)
It is time to go on reviewing the Preterite tense conjugation of Spanish irregular verbs. This article also contains sound file for more irregular Spanish verbs / tenses.

Spanish Preterite. Irregular Verbs (I)
After having reviewed the conjugation of the Preterite Tense for Regular Verbs, now it is time to learn how irregular Spanish verbs are conjugated in the Preterite. This article contains ´click and listen´ glossary.

Preterite Tense Conjugation - Regular Verbs.
Learn to conjugate the Preterite tense of the Spanish Regular verbs. This lesson includes a new feature: ´Click and Listen´ vocabulary (sound files).

Spanish past tenses: Preterit and Imperfect
Both, Spanish preterite (or preterit) and imperfect tenses are used to express past actions, but in English we have just one past tense.

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