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The verb Estar
We learned there are two Spanish verbs -Ser and Estar- that are the equivalent for the English verb To be. Today we´re going to study the verb Estar, its conjugation and uses.

The verb Ser
Spanish verbs "Ser" and "Estar" are both translated as “To be”. The differences in use between these two Spanish verbs is a difficult point for a lot students of Spanish. Through this lesson we’ll review and learn how to use the verb “Ser”.

Spanish Plural Forms
In order to form the plural of Spanish nouns, there is a basic rule, similar to the English one: If the Spanish word ends in an unaccented vowel (usually e), we’ll add –s, and if the word ends in consonant, the plural form is made by adding –es.

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Gender of Spanish Nouns
We have already learned in previous lessons (Spanish Definite Articles - Spanish Indefinite Articles) that Spanish nouns are either masculine or feminine.

Spanish Indefinite Articles.
Spanish indefinite articles have four forms depending on the number (singular / plural) an genre (masculine / feminine) of the noun.

Spanish Definite Articles
The main characteristic of Spanish Definite Articles, as we’ll learn below, is their concordance in genre and number with the noun (substantive) they precede. Let’s study how it works.

The origin of the Spanish language.
The first step is to understand how Spanish Language was born and the different influences received from others languages: English, French,... etc.

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