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How to Be Kind To Your Skin With Makeup
Do you still use makeup? In a time of natural, eco-friendly, organic or clean beauty, there are some of you that still enjoy the use of makeup. How do you wear your favorite shadow or foundation without harming your skin? Very carefully.

See, Smell,Touch - How to Calm Your Senses
See, smell and touch are things you do everyday Ethnic Beauties. They are also three of the five senses used in your daily activities. Noise and distractions can send you into sensory overload.

Ethnic Beauty, Toss The Mascara
Let's face it ethnic beauties, we all feel better and more attractive when we take the time to apply a little mascara and brow pencil before greeting the world.

3 Natural Recipes to Ensure Great Summer Fun
The Summer Season is always a fun time year. Your skin is being kissed by the sun, some more than others but the warmth feels good. It’s also the season for bug bites, scrapes, bruises and sunburn.

How to Use Medicinal Plants for Relaxation
Medicinal plants for relaxation? Are you in need of a get-a-way weekend Ethnic Beauties? A place to relax and shut the world out for at least 48 hours? Yeah, me too.

What Does - Ethnic - Really Mean?
Someone called you ethnic. Since the word conjures many images, should you become offended? You may even wonder what that person was really trying to say. Well, let's see...

Do Ethnic Beauties Create Their Own Style?
Has the fashion world overlooked your take on fashion Ethnic Beauty? Not necessarily! They just didn't give you credit for what they present on the runway.

Is It Possible That Stress Is Changing Your Look?
Is stress changing your look Ethnic Beauty? The answer could be Yes. Your work environment can be the biggest culprit creating stress in your life. Here's what can happen to you under stressful conditions.

Caring for Your Skin With Aloe Vera and Peppermint
Aloe Vera and peppermint essential oil make great sun partners. As the warm weather approaches and the beach time increases, your skin is going to need extra special care.

How to Use Crystals to Raise Energy Vibration
Did you know that one of the most common crystals is table salt? Is it raising our blood pressure or energy vibration?

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