Darker Than Black

Darker Than Black
Darker Than Black is an anime series created and directed by Tensai Okamura. The series was awarded the Best Original Anime of the Year by GoGoplex, a popular magazine for teens.

10 years prior to the start of the series, an abnormal territory called Hell's Gate appeared in Tokyo. When Hell's Gate appeared, it altered the sky and wreaked havoc on the landscape. Heavenly bodies also disappeared, and were replaced by false stars. People who possess special abilities also appeared at the same time; however, in order to gain these abilities, they had to give up their humanity. These people are known as Contractors, and their existence has been kept a secret from the general population. Each one of the fake stars have a corresponding Contractor. Contractors can murder in cold blood, and are used as spies and assassins by various nations and organizations.

Hei is the main character, and he’s an Elite Contractor that goes by the identity BK-201. His contract allows him to generate electricity. He is disguised as a gentle-hearted student from China. Hei also takes on the role of a guiltless killer known as The Black Reaper. He is being pursued by the Japanese government for his involvement in several assassinations. Hei is part of an organization known as the Syndicate. He is searching for his sister, Pai, who disappeared when the South American gate exploded.

Yin is a spirit that is known as a "Doll." She is a supporter in Hei's team, but is passive and rarely speaks. Yin's primary function is to locate assassination targets, and she has the ability to see anything near water when she is touching some.

Misaki Kirihara is the Section Chief of the Foreign Affairs Division 4, and investigates matters that concern the Contractors. She has a strong sense of justice and a sharp intuition. Misaki is obsessed with finding the identity of BK-201.

Darker Than Black is an anime that has some dark overtones to it. Between the dark overtones and the subject matter included in the series, I would personally recommend Darker Than Black to anime viewers who are 16 years of age and older.

Release Year(s)
N.A. Licensor
Darker Than Black252007Tensai OkamuraBones/AniplexFUNimation Entertainment
Beneath the Fully Bloomed Cherry Blossoms12008Tensai OkamuraBonesN/A
Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor122009Tensai OkamuraBones/AniplexFUNimation Entertainment
Darker Than Black: Gaiden42010Tensai OkamuraBones/AniplexFUNimation Entertainment

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