Mazinger Z

Mazinger Z
Mazinger Z (which is known as Tranzor Z in the United States) is an anime and manga series created by Go Nagai.

The title character (a robot named Mazinger Z) is a giant Super Robot made from a fictitious metal called Chogokin Z. This metal is forged from a new element mined from a reservoir that can only be found in Mt. Fuji. This robot was built by Professor Juzo Kabuto as a secret weapon to fight against Dr. Hell and his mechanical beasts.

Dr. Hell is intent on becoming the ruler of the world, and is aided by his right hand "man," a hermaphrodite named Baron Ashura. Professor Juzo manages to finish Mazinger Z before being killed by a bomb planted by Baron Ashura. Before Professor Juzo dies, he tells his grandson, Kouji Kabuto about Mazinger Z and how the robot works. Kouji becomes the pilot of Mazinger Z, and uses it to battle Dr. Hell's mechanical beasts in every episode of the series.

Mazinger Z is generally regarded as the forerunner for later Super Robot shows such as Beast King GoLion, Dairugger XV, and Daltanius. Mazinger Z introduced many of the features that have become expected in the Super Robot genre, such as mecha robots being piloted by a user in a cockpit, and that the Super Robot is a mechanical marvel that is the world's only hope. This was also the first series to feature a female robot (with one of its primary weapons being missiles shot out of its breasts).

A company called 3-B Productions (which was made up of some members of the production team who worked on Star Blazers for Sunbow Productions), dubbed Mazinger Z into English and aired it on U.S. television in 1985. However, several changes were made.

First, the title of the show was changed from Mazinger Z to Tranzor Z. The English dub cut the series down from 92 episodes to 65 episodes, many of the characters' names were changed, and the dub also created a modified storyline. Like other anime series being dubbed into English during the 1980s, there was also editing of content, such as destruction, murder, torture, dismemberment, and male-on-female violence. Also, any shots of Aphrodite A (the female robot) shooting the missiles from her breast were cut and replaced with other footage.

Tranzor Z (the English dub) would be most appropriate for anime viewers nine or 10 years of age and older. I have not personally seen Mazinger Z, but from the description of the content that was cut, I would recommend the original Japanese version for anime viewers who are 16 years of age and older.

Release Year(s)
N.A. Licensor
Mazinger Z921972-1974Yugo Serikawa/Toshio Katsuda/Tomoharu Katsumata/Takeshi Shirado/Nobuo OhnukiToei AnimationN/A
Mazinger Z vs. DevilmanN/A1973Tomoharu KatsumataToei Doga/Dynamic ProductionN/A
Great Mazinger561974-1975Tetsuo Imazawa/Masayuki Akechi/Nobuo Onuki/Takeshi Tamiya/Tomoharu Katsumata/Yasuo YamayoshiToei AnimationN/A
Mazinger Z vs. The Great General of DarknessN/A1974Tadanao TsujiDynamic Planning/Toei AnimationN/A
Grendizer741975-1977Tomoharu KatsumataToei Doga/Dynamic PlanningN/A
GrendizerN/A1975Yoichi KominatoToei DogaN/A
UFO Robot Grendizer: Akai Yuuhi no TaiketsuN/A1976Tokiji KaburagiToei DogaN/A
Mazinkaiser72001-2002Masahiko MurataDynamic Planning/Bandai VisualN/A
Mazinkaiser: S. Ankoku DaishogunN/A2003Masahiko MurataDynamic Planning/Bandai VisualN/A
Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen262009Yasuhiro ImagawaDynamic Planning/BEE-MEDIA/CodeN/A
Mazinkaiser SKL32011Jun KawagoeActasMedia Blasters

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