Noein To Your Other Self

Noein To Your Other Self
Noein: To Your Other Self is a science fiction anime series directed by Kazuki Akane and Kenji Yasuda.

Noein takes place 15 years in the future, where a violent battle is taking place between two "timespaces": La'cryma (a possible future of our own universe) and Shangri'la (a dimension intent on the destruction of all space and time). A group known as the "Dragon Knights" is sent through space and time to find the "Dragon Torque," which is the key to stopping Shangri'la's invasion. The Dragon Knights travel by a cable system that is a lot like what a deep-sea diver might use.

Meanwhile, in the present, a 12-year-old girl named Haruka and her friend Yu are about to run away from home when they meet Karasu, a member of the Dragon Knights. Karasu appears to be Yu from 15 years in the future, and he believes that Haruka is the Dragon Torque.

Noein employs the concept of time as a dimension that resonates with other "timespaces"; the series also includes a possible future in which timespaces converge. The series also makes use of several interpretations of quantum physics.

Haruka is one of the main protagonists in the series. In this timespace, she was a typical elementary school student until her friend Miho takes her on a ghost hunting trip. On that trip, she met Karasu and starts to learn who she really is.

Yu, another protagonist, is Haruka's classmates in this timespace; in other timespaces, he is Karasu and Noein. In this timespace, they have several friends: Ai (Haruka's best friend who is an expert soccer player), Isami (gives the impression of being a "tough guy" but has a fear of ghosts), and Miho (who believes in aliens, ghosts, and the supernatural). In this timespace, the characters live in Hakodate, and the animators went to a lot of care and detail to recreate every square mile.

La'cryma is a timespace 15 years into the future. In this timespace, all beings have been transformed into quantum beings at a macro level due to an incident that occurred in the past. Here, the Dragon Knights exist to protect the timespace from Shangri'la, as well as to enter into other timespaces to find the Dragon Torque. Each Knight has access to various weapons formed from their "layze," known as Spin Weapons. Shangri'la, meanwhile, is a timespace created by Noein.

Noein has been released on five DVDs in North America, as well as a complete DVD box set. I think this anime has a very interesting premise and also contains some very nice looking animation; it's a combination of 2D and 3D animation. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys science fiction, action, romance... and perhaps even some quantum physics.

Release Year(s)
N.A. Licensor
Noein: To Your Other Self242005-2006Kazuki Akane/Kenji YasudaSatelightN/A

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