Star Blazers Box 1

Star Blazers Box 1
Star Blazers - The Quest for Iscandar - The Complete Series 1 Collection is a DVD box set that contains six DVDs; all 26 episodes that comprise the first Star Blazers series are included. It should be noted that there are some errors when it comes to the chapter marks on the DVDs. However, the messed up chapter marks are the only real complaint I have with this set.

The first disc contains the first five episodes of the series, as well as two bonus features. The first bonus feature is labeled as "Planet Earth: 2199 A.D." This is a text-only feature that talks about the history of the war between Earth and Gamilon. However, if you let a page of the text just sit without clicking on "Next" after a pre-determined about of time, the DVD will automatically move you onto the next page, whether you're done reading the first page or not. Personally, I found that aspect of the feature to be rather frustrating.

The second bonus feature is "The Argo Inspection Tour." This is an external visual inspection, where you can choose what area of the Argo you want to see. From this menu, you are taken to a page that includes stills from the show and production art related to that section of the ship.

The second disc contains four episodes of the series, as well as four bonus features. The first feature is a "Crew Roster." This feature includes pictures for the major crew members on the ship, as well as a brief write-up for each character (which includes that character's original name from Space Battleship Yamato). There is a trailer for the third disc of this set, as well as a splash screen that includes the address for the official Star Blazers website.

The best bonus feature on this disc, however, is the inclusion of a scene cut from the second episode of the series; this scene depicts the sinking of the original battleship Yamato in 1944.

The third disc contains four episodes, as well as one bonus feature. This feature is labeled as "Interior Deck Configuration." This is similar to "The Argo Inspection Tour" on disc one; however, the interface on this feature is terrible. For whatever reason, I couldn't choose a particular location to look at, even though it has a menu configuration like the inspection tour. It would only let me select the Captain's Cabin, and you had to progress from there. This feature also consisted of stills from the show and production art.

The fourth disc contains four episodes, as well as one bonus feature. Even though it's only one feature, it's a rather extensive feature. This bonus feature includes several selections to learn more about the Gamilon Empire: history, personnel, spacefleet, fightercraft, bases, weapons, and mecha. Each section has text, and is illustrated by production art and stills from the show.

The fifth disc in the set contains four episodes, as well as two bonus features. The first feature is labeled as "Equipment of the Star Force." This feature includes labeled production art of the various mecha, weapons, and equipment used in the series; in fact, it even includes a film projector.

The second feature is labeled as "Friends & Enemies." This is a gallery of the minor characters, done in the same way as the "Crew Roster" on disc two. However, I thought it was rather interesting that Queen Starsha wasn't included in this feature, since it is due to her that the Star Force goes to Iscandar in the first place.

The final disc in the set contains the final five episodes of the series, as well as one bonus feature; this is the "Argo Mission Map." It's divided into four sections: three for the trip to Iscandar, and one for the return trip to Earth. There are dots on the maps for each place the Star Force visited in the series. If you click on a dot, it shows the date(s) they were there, as well as a write-up for what happened at each place. The write-up is illustrated with stills from the show.

The six discs in this set are also available for purchase individually; however, I would recommend purchasing this box set. The individual boxes retail for around $30 each, so it would cost $180 to purchase all six. However, if you purchase this box set, the cost is only about $150.

If you're a fan of Star Blazers and want to get all of the Quest for Iscandar series on DVD, then I would recommend purchasing this set.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of this DVD box set that my husband and I purchased.

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
SOS Earth! Revive Battleship Yamato!
The Opening Gun! Space Battleship Argo Starts!
Argo, Take Off! The Challenge of 296,000 Light-Years!
World of Wonder! Argo Leaps Past Light!
Escape the Floating Continent! Crisis Calls the Wave Motion Gun!

Bonus Features
Space Destroyer Yukikaze Sleeps in the Icefield!
Argo Sinks! Fateful Battle to Destroy the Enemy Stronghold!
Argo Braves Death! Destroy the Reflection Satellite Gun!
Revolving Defense! Asteroid Belt!

Bonus Features
Farewell, Solar System! From the Galaxy, With Love!
Resolution! Break Through the Gamilons' Absolute Defense Line!
Certain Death! The Wishing Star of Orion, Hell-Star!
Hurry, Argo! Earth Is Suffering!

Bonus Feature

Disc 4
Disc 5
Disc 6
The Galaxy's Ordeal! The Year 2200 Advances!
Desperate Escape! The Galaxy's Different Dimension!
Planet Beeland, Underground Prison of Condemned Criminals!
Charge! Balanosaurus Special Attack Group!

Bonus Feature
Floating Fortress Island! Two Men Brave Death!
Homesickness of Space! My Mother's Tears Are My Tears!
The Day Planet Balan's Sun Dropped!
Desperate Challenge From Lysis' Fleet!

Bonus Features
Decisive Battle! Fight for Honor at the Rainbow Star Group!
Finally Arrived! Crest of the Magellanic Cloud's Wave!
Death Struggle! God, Weep for the Gamilons!
Iscandar! A Dying Planet of Love!
Earth! Argo Returns!

Bonus Feature

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