Interview with Morley Seaver - KISS Army March

Interview with Morley Seaver - KISS Army March
OK, I know it’s a bit weird and even possibly schizophrenic to interview myself, however this is borne out of a need to help spread the word about the KISS Army March. The rest of the planners have all passionately told you about the event and now it’s my turn.

Morley Seaver
Any KISS-related websites you’re involved with:
BellaOnline Metal & Hard Rock site – special KISS folder

Morley: How did you become involved with the march?

Morley: I read about the march on the Internet somewhere and contacted the Chairman Paul Carpenter to do an interview for my column on antiMUSIC. After this was posted, Paul asked if I would like to interview Bill Starkey, General and founder of the KISS Army. After that interview was posted, Paul approached me to help with media coordination for the March.

Morley: What are your responsibilities with regards to this project?
Morley: Getting the word out to the KISS Army and beyond, to the rock community at large.

Morley: What are your expectations for the march?
Morley: I believe that this rally will draw attention to the mind-numbingly inane omission of KISS from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They have the concert figures; the sales figures; and their legions of fans to prove that their contributions made to music is almost immeasurable. Pick up literally any music magazine today and you will find some musician somewhere saying they picked up a guitar; started a band, or wrote a song directly because they were inspired by KISS. Much the same way that The Beatles’ performance on Ed Sullivan was a motivating factor for most of KISS and many others of their contemporaries, seeing KISS in concert or on one of their TV appearances did the same for countless others.
Unfortunately, KISS is a polarizing entity. You either love them to death or hate them with much of the same intensity. There’s rarely any middle ground. Considering some of the people who make up the Planning Committee are outspoken critics of KISS (**cough Rolling Stone **cough), I doubt these people will ever change their opinion. If they cannot see that based on the criteria they have set out for themselves, KISS easily fulfills these requirements, they probably won’t come to their senses and then obviously they have another agenda. I think the only way we had make headway is if these people come to the realization that the old business saying really applies here: The customer is always right. If they expect us to pay good money to visit the Hall, we have to be confident that the experience is worthy of its name. There is a reasonable expectation that this truly is a Hall of Fame and that we’re not going to be subjected to displays of the Bay City Rollers or Ram Jam (apologies to fans of the Rollers or Ram Jam, they’re just not in the same league). So if we trust the Planners to make good decisions on our behalf, then we have to be confident that they do their selections based free of bias and with integrity. Music is a really subjective thing. If anybody were to list their favorite records, it would be really rare to get someone else to agree totally with the list. There’s always a band or performer that one person will like and another person will dislike. That’s life. However, if we’re basing a selection on a set of criteria and then not following it when considering a potential inductee, then that is just flat out hypocrisy, if not arrogance or stupidity. We can only hope to embarrass the Hall into reversing this oversight / political move and doing the right thing. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is for the public…and the public is speaking….KISS must be in the Hall of Fame.

Morley: What are you most looking forward to seeing/doing at the march?
Morley: All of it. I hope to be able to attend to help see this job through that was started by a bunch of brave and dedicated individuals who are part of the greatest fan base in all of rock & roll history…the KISS Army. I will be most interested to see what the reaction is, if any, from the Hall although I doubt we will hear anything at the march. The program prepared by the planners sounds like a load of fun and it will be a pleasure to take part in all of the activities.

The second part of this interview is available by following the link at the bottom of the page.

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