New Year Resolutions for Moms

New Year Resolutions for Moms
Have you made a resolution NOT to make any resolutions? I understand. After all, it’s so frustrating when - after a few weeks - you realize you’ve already “failed”. Why bother when you know what the outcome will be?

Motherhood is a journey in which there is constant change. Our changing and growing children dictate the need for new lessons, changes in our parenting style, and the ability to constantly adapt.

The first resolution we moms should make is to be willing. Willing to change. Willing to adjust. Willing to seek new answers.

Here are some other resolutions perfect for moms.

Be intentional. Life is busy and overwhelming, no matter what we do to try and rein it in. To live intentionally is to live purposefully. Remember that your attitudes, feelings, and actions impact every moment. Mothers are like pioneers or inventors - exploring new territories and introducing new thoughts and ideas into the world.

Make time for you. Stop feeling guilty and set aside time for yourSelf. Take a night off every week. Take the time to take care of yourself. Schedule a girls weekend away. Whatever suits your soul - do it.

Yell less. Okay, this may feel like one of those frustrating resolutions, but do it for yourself and not for your children. We have an easier time keeping our emotions in check and monitoring our impatience when we are out in public. What’s to stop you from behaving the same way when you are at home? Check out The orange Rhinoand join others on a journey of no yelling.

Take time to read. Read a book that is spiritually enlightening. Inspire yourself. Grow. Read - even if it takes you all year to finish the book.

Say yes…. to your children. Part of being intentional is to be present with your children. Say “yes” when you are asked to play, read a story, or when your child has something she wants to tell you. Say “no” more frequently to meetings, volunteer opportunities, or a work schedule that takes you away from your children.

Resolve to have more adult conversations. Moms are often isolated and away from other adults for most of the day. Create an intention to connect with other adults at least once during the day - whether it is a conversation with your partner before bed, a phone call to a friend, or meeting another mom at the park.

Eliminate time-wasters from your day. If you’ve done a time audit of your day, you have probably noticed the time-wasting habits that easily make their way into our lives but are difficult to release from our lives. Examples of these time-wasters including playing Candy Crush, watching TV, or checking Facebook multiple times throughout the day. Replace those things with a better outlet - a good book, listening (or dancing) to music, or sitting with a cup of tea.

Finally, stop comparing yourself to others. Those wistful looks at moms who seem to have it all together? They need to stop. Beating yourself up because your house is not as clean as your neighbor who has five children? Enough already. If you really want to improve the cleanliness of your house, go ask your neighbor for some tips. Tell yourself the same thing you tell your children - if you are doing your best, than that’s what matters.

Make this New Year different from all others. Set aside your resolutions for losing weight, exercising, and getting more sleep. Instead, create intentions for better living and happier mothering.

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