Grooming Behaviors of Predators

Grooming Behaviors of Predators
Once again, a pedophile uses a God syndrome, in order to place blame on the innocent young girl’s he has violated. The ultimate atrocity is when an adult uses God to gain compliance for sexually abusing a young child.

An adult who blames the child for his or her sexual exploitation is truly evil. The adult is responsible for his or her actions, not the child, regardless of the child’s age or maturity.

Wayne Bent is a 67-year-old man, who admits to lying naked in bed with several of the young girls that resided in his cult compound. He testified he did this because he did not wish to disobey God. Three girls testified against Bent, and one testified in his favor, claiming God told each of the girls to go to him and allow him to touch her. Bent states he did lay next to the girls naked and placed his hand over the girl’s hearts in a non-sexual way.

Pedophiles are manipulative. He or she has an uncanny ability to tell each young victim exactly what he or she knows will instill a deep terror of obedience. This is brainwashing or grooming, and both are frequent behaviors used by pedophiles, child molesters, and child abusers to connect with the children he or she plans to abuse.

Simply worded brainwashing is the repeated misrepresentation of information provided by an abuser until he or she is able to persuade another person into believing his or her regimented untruths. If programming is successful, the victim eventually accepts the strictly controlled ideas of his or her abuser.

There are many ways to brainwash someone. From the use of hypnosis, where one achieves a hypnotic state, which is simply a state where he or she is close to sleeping, and then given repetitive and synchronized suggestions. When in a hypnotic state our minds are more acceptable to believing what it hears.

Other ways to brainwash someone include controlling the victim’s social and physical surroundings, depriving the person from sleep, food, and contact with people who do not accept the abusers ideas.

Brainwashing is how one girl was able to testify that she loved Wayne Bent and that she felt nothing was wrong with what they had done together.

Deprogramming, or the reversing of the abusers control, is where a victim is able to see how defective the abuser’s thought process was and is able to realize what happened to him or her was wrong. It is difficult to deprogram the brain, and often requires intense intervention to be successful.

What does it mean when to groom a child? The word grooming means to prepare or to get things in order. When a pedophile grooms a child, he or she is getting close to the victim physically and learning what the weaknesses of his or her victim. Grooming means preparing a child for what will happen and how to prevent the child from telling others what is happening or by programming the child to protect the insidious relationship.

Pedophiles look for children from a broken family, one who is seeking outside affection due to not getting it at home, one who has only one active parent, someone who has difficulty making friends. The less people involved with a child, the less likely one will discover what is happening to the child.

Those most likely to harm a child are those who have unrestricted access to the child. In reality, it is someone a child knows that will be most likely to cause him or her harm.

This is why parents must pay attention to who is talking to or befriending their child. If something seems out of place, then act on your suspicions. Listen to that little voice that says danger is near. Listen and learn the warning signs so you can protect your child or children from pedophiles.

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