The Predator Drugs, Rohypnol, GBH, and Ketamine

The Predator Drugs, Rohypnol, GBH,  and Ketamine
Many substances can render one incapable of resisting a sexual assault, including drugs like marijuana, ecstasy, alcohol, and even over the counter sleep and allergy medicines like Benadryl. Yet, even more powerful, are drugs known as date rape drugs. When ingested these drugs cause one to become unaware of their surroundings and make them an easy target for a predator.

The most commonly used date rape drugs are Rohypnol, or Flunitrazepam, Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate, also known as GHB, and Ketamine Hydrochloride, known as Vitamin K. Since date rape drugs or predator drugs are easily obtainable, especially online, they have become increasingly popular in the teen scene, especially at parties where alcohol is involved.

What makes these date rape drugs so dangerous is they are tasteless, odorless, and essentially colorless, although GHB has a salty taste, which drink it is in masks well. These drugs act fast, starting in 15 to 60 minutes after ingestion and often last several hours. The drugs only stay in the body about 3 days, yet the effects of all are similar, causing drowsiness, amnesia, decreased inhibitions, visual disturbances, depressed moods, and loss of consciousness, and deep sleep states. The drug essentially makes one unconscious, yet the drug allows one to be somewhat responsive to outside stimulus. In the end, there is no memory of what really happened. This is why education is the first step to prevention.

By educating teens about the dangers of these drugs, we can hope to prevent one from being a victim. Teach teens to be wary of crowded places, where it is easy to distract someone and “spike” their drink. I have taught my own teenage daughter to use a soda bottle with a lid, which is easy to keep closed at all times. The soda bottle would also prevent someone from “spiking” her beverage if she turns her back for a few seconds to talk to someone.

Teach your teen never to accept a drink from anyone, unless it is in an unopened can or bottle. Tell them to listen and feel for the initial hiss upon opening a can or bottle of soda. If a teen should leave his or her drink unattended, as in going to the bathroom, or running off to say hi to a friend, he or she should err on the side of caution, dispose of her open unattended drink, and obtain a new one. Do not trust other friends to watch your drink for you.

If a teen feels uncomfortable about a situation, like awaking without clothes on, but he or she cannot remember what happened during that time, it is imperative he or she tell a trusted adult immediately. Often date rape drug victims know something is not in order but he or she simply cannot identify what is making him or her feel so uncomfortable.

If one has been a victim of sexual assault, there may be signs of unexplained physical injury, such as bruises, scratches, bleeding, and even soreness or pain in the genital area. If one suspects he or she was raped it is imperative that he or she go directly to the nearest emergency room and voice his or her fears, so that a rape exam can be initiated and evidence collected for a rape kit.

Do NOT change your clothes, shower, urinate, or even wash your hands if possible, as any of these acts may destroy the only evidence that can prove something actually happened without your knowledge. Ask the emergency room to test for the commonly used date rape or predator drugs.

Try to remember anything you can to tell the authorities about what may have happened to you. Ask friends who were at the party if you acted strangely, out of character for you. Many times the date rape drug will make one seem intoxicated, even though one is abstaining from alcohol.

Prevention is by far the best approach in a situation with date rape drugs. By knowing, the dangers one faces in certain situations one can be prepared and avoid falling victim to ruthless predators.

Here are some of the street and chemical names for Rohypnol, GHB, and Ketamine:
Roofies, Roach, R-2, Mind Erasers, Roche', Stupifi, Shays, Flunitrazepam, GHB, Liquid Ecstasy, Liquid X, Grievous Bodily Harm, GBH, Georgia Home Boy, Grievous Bodily Harm, Liquid G, Somatomax, Cherry Meth, Easy Lay, Gamma 10, Gamma-hydroxybutyrate, gamma-hydroxy-butyramine, gamma hydroxybutyric acid, Special K, Ket, K, Vitamin K, Kit Kat, Keller, Cat Valium, Purple, Super C, Ketaset, and Vetalar.

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