Youth Activity-Cutthroat Cupcake Wars

Youth Activity-Cutthroat Cupcake Wars
This past week we did something really fun for Mutual and I thought it might be something you would want to put into your files for a future activity with your own youth. We did this with just the girls this past week, but we decided that it would be a lot of fun to take the general idea and instead of cupcakes, we could do quesadillas or nachos or something like that with the boys.

We decided to have a Cupcake War, similar to the popular television show on Food Network. However, I thought it would be a lot of fun to mix in some of the new show, Cutthroat Kitchen as well. I thought the girls would enjoy the challenge. What we ended up with was a super fun evening with our girls. I'm going to give you the general questions and idea that we used and then you can adapt this idea to meet your own needs.

As leaders, we divided up the necessary ingredients for the cupcakes and each brought what was on our list. One was in charge of the cake mixes and frostings. We had canned frosting and the ingredients to make frosting. Another leader was in charge of bringing toppings to decorate the cupcakes. And I brought the pans, bowls, mixer, wooden spoon, whisk, eggs, oil, and applesauce.

We split our girls into 2 teams. We have a small group, so 2 teams was sufficient for us. You could do more if you have a larger group. The 2 teams also worked for us as our church kitchen has 2 ovens. It was pretty much perfect for our needs.

I explained that the girls could shop from our open pantry freely, but that the items I had under kitchen towels needed to be bid on and be won in order to use them. Those were items that they would need in order to make their cupcakes.

Here are the questions I asked and how the girls were able to bid on the items, as well as what the items were that they were bidding on.

Oil or Applesauce

The team that wins this will be able to decide if they or the other team will be using oil or applesauce to replace the fat in their cupcakes.

How many Young Women Value Colors can you name? Who will start the bidding at 3?

(The teams then bid on who can name the most up to 8, as that is the maximum for this question.)

Divine Nature-Blue
Individual Worth-Red
Choice & Accountability-Orange
Good Works-Yellow


The team that wins this will be able to decide if they or the other team will be using this hand mixer or this bowl, spoon, and whisk to mix up their cupcakes.

How many Articles of Faith can you recite? Who will start the bidding at 2?

Cupcake Pans

The team that wins this will be able to decide if they or the other team will be using these regular size muffin tins or this mini muffin tins to bake their cupcakes in.

How well do you know the information in the For the Strength of Youth booklet?
Who will start the bidding at 2?

1-How old should you be before you date? 16

2-Your education should include what types of learning? Spiritual and Temporal

3-What types of clothing should you avoid? (Remember that Modest is hottest!)
Short shorts, short skirts, shirts do not cover stomach, clothing doesn't cover shoulders or is low cut in front or back. Clothes that are tight, sheer or revealing.

4-Dancing can be fun and provide an opportunity to meet new people. However, it can be misused. What type of dancing should we avoid?
-full body contact w/partner
-positions or moves that are suggestive or violent behavior or otherwise inappropriate.

5-What was the year of the last update for the For The Strength Of Youth booklet? 2012

6-How should we speak about others?
-Kindly and positively
-avoid gossip and speaking in anger
-don't insult and put down even in jest
-leave harsh words unsaid

7-What does integrity mean? Thinking & doing what is right at all times, no matter the consequences.

8-In order to be a friend, what should you never compromise? Standards


The team that wins this will be able to decide if they or the other team will be using this canned frosting, or will be making their frosting from these ingredients.

How well do you know the Youth Them for 2013? How many questions can you answer? Who will start the bidding at 2?

1-Where should we stand? In Holy Places

2-What is the scripture reference? D&C 87:8

3- How long are we supposed to stand and not move? Until the Lord cometh

4-According to the scripture, when will the Lord cometh? Quickly

Specific Decoration

The team that wins this will be able to decide if they or the other team will have to use this item as part of their decoration of their cupcakes.

How well do you remember the Sunday lessons these past 2 months? How many questions can you answer? Who will start the bidding with 1?

1-What handout did Sister --- give you this month?

2-Sister --- had you do what activity during her lesson this month?

3-What did Sister --- teach about this past Sunday?

4-What did we do on our first Sunday last month?

5-What object lesson did Sister --- use last month?

Hopefully these ideas will help to spark your creativity and you'll be able to make this idea your own. It was a fun and successful evening and one that we will repeat again in the future, to the delight of our girls and us leaders.

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