Book Review The Three Only Things by Robert Moss

Book Review The Three Only Things by Robert Moss
Tapping the power of Dreams, Coincidence & Imagination
By Robert Moss

Have you ever found yourself saying “it was only a dream,” or “it was only a coincidence,” or “it was only my imagination?” If you have, then you’re not alone. The majority of us are taught to write off the more subtle ways of receiving guidance that open us up to more soulful living. As a result, we may miss out on life changing opportunities.

The Three “Only” Things is a book about tapping into the power of our dreams, synchronicities and our imagination.

Moss starts the book off with a quote from Albert Einstein: “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.” I, for one, completely agree with this statement! If we are unable to change how we think about things and how we look at the world, it is almost impossible to solve our own problems.

The Three “Only” Things is about changing our thinking, so that we can see the world differently, and move forward toward our soul’s purpose.

The book is 261 pages and includes an index (I love when authors include an index!) and it is divided into three parts. Part one is “Only a Dream,” and he states here that “Dreams are not on our case, they are on our side.” This section focuses on working with dreams, the nine powers of dreaming, everyday dream games and how some important events in history were actually dreamed before they came into being!

Part two is “Only a Coincidence.” Here Moss guides us into the realm where things conspire to work together to help us! He talks about the nine rules of coincidence; rule number one being “there are things that like to happen together.” For anyone who has ever been in the right place at the right time to great benefit, you know what I mean! He also talks about the “everyday oracle,” which is the way that the world sends us messages.

Part three is “Only Imagination.” In this part Moss helps us to examine the ways in which we can use our imaginations to clear blocks that keep us from healing, creating and moving forward. He talks about the seven open secrets of imagination, including “by picturing our blocks, we can move beyond them,” and “the body believes in images.” As a holistic healer, I’ve seen these concepts work over and over and over again!

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this book. Moss not only speaks from his own personal experiences, but talks about how famous historical figures used these concepts too! And ladies and gents, these aren’t new ideas. I’ve just never seen them put together in such an easy to use manner.

In particular I enjoyed his suggestions on “putting your question to the world.” If we take the time to clearly think out our question, we’ll receive our answer. It may come in a song over the radio, a page we flip to in a book, or a sign we pass on the highway. I remember doing this many years ago when I was trying to decide whether or not to attend a book study group. I flipped open a random book, and without looking put my finger on the page. It landed on the word “yes.” I attended the study group, and it was life changing!

I would highly recommend The Three “Only” Things to anyone who wants to change the way they think and see the world. Honestly, if there was an instruction book handed out at our birth, it should be this one! It not only helps us to reconnect to our source, but to tap into the joy of being that is our soul’s purpose.

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