Dance in the Vampire Bund

Dance in the Vampire Bund
Dance in the Vampire Bund is based on a manga series by Nozomu Tamaki.

Dance in the Vampire Bund is a series about the emergence of vampires into the human world. It also shows how fear on both sides changes the world as the vampires and humans come into contact with those who want peace. The main character of the series is Mina Tepes, the princess of all vampires. Mina appears in the guise of a prepubescent girl, but she is actually much older than that. After Mina offers to pay off Japan's national debt, she is given permission to create a special district for vampires called "The Bund." Mina wishes for humans and vampires to live together, but her efforts are thwarted by fearful humans and extremist vampires.

Mina's "protector" is named Akira Kaburagi Regendorf. He is a werewolf and has gone through training to identify many kinds of explosives; however, he does not know how to disarm them. In the anime, he lost his memory a year earlier, but regains the knowledge of being a werewolf in the second episode. Akira is in love with Mina, and Mina may also be in love with him. It turns out that Mina has a true form, which is an adult version of herself with wings. However, she keeps this form a secret, since that adult form is capable of giving birth. If Mina reveals her adult form, she would be forced into marrying one of the Three Nobles, who, like herself, are "True Blood" vampires. Mina also has three maids who serve her, named Nelly, Nella, and Nero.

When FUNimation first announced the license for Dance in the Vampire Bund, it was also said that some shots of Mina in her prepubescent form that feature a lack of clothing would be cut. This announcement caused quite an uproar in the anime community when it was made. When the company released this title to both streaming services and to retail outlets on DVD, they gave the series a TV-MA rating.

Between knowing what content had been cut, as well as what the concept of the series is, this title is definitely not being aimed at younger viewers. With a TV-MA rating, I can only recommend Dance in the Vampire Bund to anime viewers who are 18 years of age and older.

Release Year(s)
N.A. Licensor
Dance in the Vampire Bund122010Akiyuki ShinboShaftFUNimation Entertainment

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