Night Head Genesis

Night Head Genesis
Night Head Genesis is an anime series that was adapted from a 1992 Japanese TV drama titled Night Head.

The main characters are a set of brothers, Naoto and Naoya Kirihara, who were born with paranormal abilities. At the beginning of the first episode, they are young boys who are sent away by their parents and are put into the custody of a research center. They try to run away and escape, but an unseen barrier prevents them from leaving the grounds of the research center. 15 years later, the barrier mysteriously disappears, and the brothers escape.

Naoto is a psychokinetic, and he can communicate telepathically with his brother. He is very protective of his younger brother, and has a fiery temper. When Naoto is angered, he uses his psychokinesis to destroy nearby objects.

Naoya is a clairvoyant, telepath and seer; he also has the ability to heal. Physical contact with other people and objects can trigger Naoya's traumatic visions; he can be left in a state of catatonia after a very shocking vision. The only person who does not affect him this way is Naoto.

During their time at the research center, the brothers were in the custody of Kyojiro Mikuriya. Naoto has a strong resentment toward him, since he was the one who took the brothers away from their parents and keeping them captive at the research center.

Elder Misaki is a mysterious presence at the research center, and is a powerful psychic. He was the one who erected the barrier that prevented the brothers from leaving. It turns out that the brothers were able to escape 15 years later, because Elder Misaki had passed away.

Futami Shouko is a high school student who possesses powers that enable her to transcend her physical being. After Elder Misaki's death, Shouko goes to watch over the brothers to take over his place to guide and protect them.

There is an interesting premise behind Night Head Genesis, but I definitely feel a sense that Akira had been an influence for the series; looking at the timing of the original Japanese drama that this anime is based on, it's very possible for this to be the case.

If you enjoy stories about people with supernatural abilities with a dark overtone to them, then you would probably enjoy Night Head Genesis. The only real issue I saw with the visuals was very early on in the first episode, where blood is seen on a notebook in a classroom. However, with the darker tone of this series, I would personally recommend Night Head Genesis to anime viewers who are 15 or 16 years of age and older.

Release Year(s)
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Night Head Genesis242006Yoshio TakeuchiFoursome Co., Ltd.AnimeWorks

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