Fable - The Lost Chapters

Fable - The Lost Chapters
Fable - The Lost Chapters is in essence an "enhanced" version of the brilliant Fable game. It's the exact same story - but areas and weapons not completed for the initial release are now fully functional.

There were many areas in the initial Fable game that seemed like they SHOULD have worked, but they didn't. It of course came down to deadlines. The game designers simply couldn't finish those areas in time for the release. With this new version, you get all of those extra areas.

The Northern Wastes are now fully functional and playable, with quests and items. Darkwood is expanded with new areas. You can become the mayor of Bowerstone. You finally get to figure out what happened to Lady Grey's sister. There are many other weapons, monsters, armor and so on that have been added to this release.

You might ask yourself - if you already had the original Fable, why upgrade? First off, it's pretty cheap. You get the FULL version of the complete game in this CD - i.e. you don't need the "original Fable" to play. That means if you've never played Fable, you might as well get this one. If you have played Fable before and loved it, then it's well worth the money to get this supercharged version to see the new areas.

Most people didn't just play Fable once and then stop. It was about 24 hours to go through "one pass" of the game. The fun of Fable was to replay it over and over again, seeing what different choices did to the world. If you're going to be replaying the game, you might as well play with this enhanced version, to see all the new areas and choices.

Of course, if you disliked the original Fable, you're not going to like this one much better. It's the exact same game, just with more areas and options. Still, we loved Fable and found it incredibly immersive. We definitely got the Lost Chapters, and have given away our previous original Fable copy as it is now redundant.

Well recommended for anyone who has never played Fable. For people who have played Fable, I'd recommend it for those players who adored it enough to keep replaying it.

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