Front Door Color

Front Door Color
The front door is called the “mouth of chi” in Feng Shui because that’s where all the positive energy called chi enters your home, so it’s important to pick the right front door color. When people think of Feng Shui and front doors, they often assume the front door has to be red to be considered Feng Shui friendly. While a red door certainly is an excellent choice to welcome positive energy into your home, there are many other color choices that will help you attract positive chi.

My client Jeri recently wrote asking about choosing a color for her front door. I am thinking of painting my front door, she wrote, because when I come home, I want to have a happy entrance color. Are there any do's and don'ts as far as color in Feng Shui? I know a lot of people paint their doors red because they assume that’s the only Feng Shui color, but I'm thinking more of an aquamarine blue to echo the color of the pool in the backyard. Does this make good Feng Shui sense?

There are two answers to Jeri’s question, depending on which school of Feng Shui you follow. The first answer is based on the "Feng Shui For Real Life" approach to Feng Shui, which orients everything around how you want to live in your home. In this modern approach, you can paint your front door a color that helps you attract the appropriate Feng Shui Element into your home. specifically, red, the Fire Element, is the typical color to attract wealth; blue, the Water Element, is for relaxation and serenity; green, the Wood Element, is for growth; brown the Earth Element, is for stability; white, the Metal Element is for strength.

Another approach to choosing a color for your front door comes from Compass School Feng Shui, which suggests you choose a front door color based on the direction the door is facing. Here are some suggested colors for doors facing different compass directions --
North Facing Door: Red
Northwest: Red, Black, Gray
West: Black, Gray, Red
Southwest: Black, Gray, Red
South: Green, Blue, Purple
Southeast: Dark Green, Cream, Blue
East: Bright Green, Cream
North-East: White

I passed this information along to Jeri, who wrote back that she was able to use both of these methods to chose her front door color. I'm going to paint the door blue, she wrote, because it's South-facing, and also because our home is a place of relaxation for us and our guests and we want our door to send that message to the world.

What Feng Shui color will you choose for your front door?

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