Urusei Yatsura Episode Listing Season 8 and Later

Urusei Yatsura Episode Listing Season 8 and Later
This is an episode listing for seasons eight through ten of Urusei Yatsura. It also includes the movies, the OVAs, and the specials.

Season Eight
107. Dimensional Switch, Where's Darling?
108. Crash! Her Ladyship and the Football of Love
109. Ran-chan, Tasting the Tearful Love of a First Kiss
110. The Indelible Magic Lipstick
111. Deadly Combat! The Mendo Family's Flower Display Death Match
112. Benten & Ryunosuke; Run for the Morrow
113. Great Horrors! Oyuki is Finally Angered!
114. Ten-chan's Wonderful Love Story
115. Haunted House Special! Quest for the Mendo Estate Treasure!
116. Love and War! Battle of Glove vs. Pants!!
117. Lum-chan's Becoming a Cow?
118. Great Achievement! The Film of Lum-chan's Youth
119. Ghostbusting! Exorcising the Beautiful Sakura!
120. Attack of the Protozoa! Panic at the Poolside
121. Here Again! The Hunter of Love, Princess Kurama
122. The Fox's Unrequited Love
123. Ryunosuke Confused! Solid Rock Mother Cherishes Her Young Pebble!
124. The Stairs! Footsteps in the Girls Dorm!!
125. Pool Spooks! Burning with Forbidden Love
126. Ran-chan's Panic: No Tomorrow for Tomobiki
127. Where is Love's Home? Kuriko and Chojuro

Season Nine
128. Man or Bird? Gokakenran, Champion of Justice!
129. Attack Your Seniors! Revenge of the Infamous Three Daughters
130. Blaze, Secret Powers! Stick to the Straight and Narrow Path
131. Don't Die! Ryoko Special Straw Doll
132. Hell Encounter! Armored Girl; Beauty or Beast? Part 1
133. Love of the Armored Girl! Maidenly Feelings Reeling Part 2
134. I Dearly Need You! Return of the Honest Fox!
135. What Do I Care for Talking Flowers!
136. The Birth of Ten-chan's Son? I Didn’t Know a Thing
137. Lum's Courageous Duel! An Ironic Victory
138. Job Hunting! Sneaky Return of the Reject!
139. Tomobiki High School Survival! Who Are the Survivors!
140. The Mysterious Giant Cake! Love’s Fleeing Panic!!
141. Underground Reincarnation! What's Darling Thinking Of!?
142. Snow Panic? The Mendo Family Cherry Blossom Display Banquet!
143. From the Far Spring! The Tale of the Lonely Fairy!
144. To Dreamland! Darling Battle Royal Abduction
145. Return of the Three Daughters! The Great Scheme to Seduce Darling!
146. The Scampering Kotatsu Cat! Anything to Get Warm
147. Ryunosuke's Father’s Self Sacrificing Devotion! His Wife is Within Images!
148. Spring Blossom! Frozen by Oyuki's Cold
149. Panic Among Friends! I Love to Eat Blowfish
150. The Armored Girl Returns! Plenty of Older Brothers

Season Ten
151. The Boredom Syndrome! Is Tomobiki Wasting Away?
152. Look Out, Ran! Kotatsu Neko's Primary Love is Oden!?
153. The Armored Girl Returns Again! A Storm Raising Date
154. Arrival of the Mysterious Priest! The Bell Battle Royal
155. First Love Relived!? A Return to the Past for Lum and Rei
156. Appearance of the Youthful Old Man! Shine, Great Teahouse of Dreams!
157. I Love Darling's Sincerity
158. The Honest Fox Again! I Love Shinobu
159. I Love the Sea! Prayers for the Thriving Hamachaya!?
160. Ryunosuke vs. Benten! The Fruitless Duel of Passion
161. The Magic Bottle! What's to Become of Me?
162. The Great Devil's Debut! Lum's Dangerous Purchase!
163. Goodness! Words Aren't Getting to Darling
164. The Devil's Summer! Ten-chan's Eel Lunch Plot!
165. Visitation Panic! I Didn't Mean Any Harm
166. Scary! Is That an Octopus on Shutaro's Head?
167. Invader From Space! He's After Lum's Lips!
168. Space Survival! They are the Eaters
169. It's a Thrill! The Terrible Overhead Cooler
170. Love Attack! The Romance Never Stops!!
171. Rare Form! Worries for Mother the Firefighter!!
172. Hardselling Happiness! Out of Focus Bluebird!!
173. Great Uproar! Ryunosuke's First Time Wearing a Swimsuit!
174. I Want a Bride! The Fox's Love Adventure!
175. How Persistent! The Three Daughters' Great Animal Plan!
176. Fast Money in Fast Fighting! Hamachaya's Forbidden Business
177. Wish Upon a Star! The Winning Family's Consumer Panic
178. Special Delivery Kiss! Darling's First Jealousy!
179. Scary Sake! Sakura's Possession a Big Failure
180. It's Strange! Cherry's Yoga School!
181. Good-bye Onsen-Sensei!? Tearful Good-bye Marathon Banquet!
182. Pure Love Sakura! The Slippery Soap of Separation?
183. Asuka vs. Older Brother! Battle for Certain Love!
184. Darling's Ill Omen! The Dreaded Shijimoto Oracle!!
185. New Years Panic! The Mendo Family's Human Parcheesi Tournament!
186. Dreaming Ten-chan! The Great Adventure at the End of the Rainbow!
187. I Want to Date! Ataru's Test Program!
188. Darling Said He Loved Me
189. Death-Defying House Call! A Teacher Life is Dangerous Too
190. Total Chaos! Ran-chan's Double Doll!
191. Blind Love! You Bet Your Life, Honest Fox
192. Come Quickly, Darling! Lum's Dangerous Marriage Talk
193. It's Unbreakable! Ran's Mischief Campaign
194. Urusei Yatsura Pre-Departure Special! Shine!
195. All-Star Banquet! We Are Immortal!!

Urusei Yatsura: Only You
Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer
Urusei Yatsura 3: Remember My Love
Urusei Yatsura 4: Lum the Forever
Urusei Yatsura: The Final Chapter
Urusei Yatsura: Always, My Darling

Specials and OVAs
Urusei Yatsura All-Star Bash/Grade School Excursion! Run For It!
Ryoko's September Tea Party
Memorial Album – I'm the Shuu-chan
Inaba the Dreammaker
Raging Sherbet
Nagisa's Fiance
The Electric Household Guard
I Howl at the Moon
Goat and Cheese
Catch the Heart
Terror of Girly-Eyes Measles
Date with a Spirit
The Obstacle Course Swim Meet

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