Pokemon Hoenn Region

Pokemon Hoenn Region
The sixth, seventh, and eighth, seasons of Pokemon (Advanced, Advanced Challenge, and Advanced Battle) take place in the Hoenn region. Advanced has forty episodes, Advanced Challenge has fifty-two episodes, and Advanced Battle has fifty-three episodes. The two main new characters introduced in the Hoenn region are also part of the ninth season, Battle Frontier. Even though this season takes place in Kanto, I am including it as part of this write-up for the Hoenn region. Battle Frontier has forty-seven episodes.

After making a quick trip home after his travels in the Johto region, Ash sets out to the Hoenn region, and taking Pikachu as his only Pokemon. When he gets to Hoenn, Ash meets May and her younger brother, Max. It turns out their father is the Gym leader of the Petalburg City Gym. The siblings join Ash on his travels through the Hoenn region. Brock is reunited with Ash, and he joins the trio.

The concept of Pokemon contests is introduced in the Hoenn region. May ends up becoming a Pokemon coordinator, and competes at various contests to try and win enough ribbons to compete in the Grand Festival. Jessie, James, and Meowth have been sent by Giovanni, the head of Team Rocket, to try and establish a branch of the organization in Hoenn. During the course of these seasons, Ash and his friends also encounter members of Team Aqua and Team Magma. By the end of Advanced Battle, Ash competes in the Hoenn League and places in the top eight, and May competes in the Grand Festival.

After the Hoenn League, Ash and his friends take a brief break by going back to their respective homes. However, Ash, Brock, May, Max, and Misty all come together in Pallet Town after learning about the Battle Frontier and new contests in the Kanto region. They travel together and decide to compete. During the course of season nine, the group travels around Kanto. Ash defeats Frontier Brains, and May competes in the contests. However, during the course of the season, Misty decides to return to Cerulean City to continue training

At the end of Battle Frontier, May and Max head their separate ways from the group. While May says they are returning to Hoenn, she actually is going to travel to the Johto region by herself. Brock returns to Pewter City, and Ash returns home to Pallet Town for a short break before heading off to the Sinnoh region.

Release Year(s)
N.A. Licensor
Pokemon Advanced402002-2003Kunihiko YuyamaShogakukan Productions Co., Ltd.4Kids Entertainment/Pokemon USA, Inc.
Pokemon: Jirachi Wish MakerN/A2003Kunihiko YuyamaOLM, Inc.4Kids Entertainment/Miramax Films
Pokemon Advanced Challenge402003-2004Kunihiko YuyamaShogakukan Productions Co., Ltd.4Kids Entertainment/Pokemon USA, Inc.
Pokemon: Destiny DeoxysN/A2004Kunihiko YuyamaOLM, Inc.4Kids Entertainment/Miramax Films
Pokemon Advanced Battle532004-2005Kunihiko YuyamaShogakukan Productions Co., Ltd.4Kids Entertainment/Pokemon USA, Inc.
Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of MewN/A2005Kunihiko YuyamaOLM, Inc.4Kids Entertainment/Viz Media
Pokemon Battle Frontier472005-2006Kunihiko YuyamaShogakukan Productions Co., Ltd.4Kids Entertainment/Pokemon USA, Inc.
Pokemon: Ranger and the Temple of the SeaN/A2006Kunihiko YuyamaOLM, Inc.The Pokemon Company/Viz Media

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