Kaze no Stigma The Complete Series

Kaze no Stigma The Complete Series
Kaze no Stigma: The Complete Series is a four-disc set that contains all 24 episodes of the series. The box contains two slimline boxes, and each slimline box holds two DVDs. The first slimline is labeled as "Volume 1 – Wind," and the second slimline is labeled as "Volume 2 – Fire." The first disc of each set contains seven episodes, while the second disc in each set contains five episodes and the extras.

The menus on the first disc of each set contain the following options: "Play All," "Episodes," and "Setup." The menus on the second disc of each set contain these options, but add in a selection for "Extras."

"Play All" allows you to watch all of the episodes on the disc in order. "Episodes" allows you to select which episode you want to watch; however, you cannot choose where in the episode you want to start. "Setup" allows you to select your language and subtitle options. The audio options are English 5.1 Surround and Japanese Stereo, and you can choose whether you want to have the subtitles on or off.

The second disc in the first slimline has three extras. The first is labeled as "Ayano's House Call: All-You-Can Eat Cakes." There are three parts to this extra, which are videos that run for approximately 10 minutes each. The videos feature the Japanese voice actors for the characters of Ayano, Yukari, and Nanase; during these videos, you see them at a fan event and dinner, traveling through the streets of Kobe, and an "early morning ambush" at their hotel. These videos include Japanese audio with English subtitles.

It appears that these three voice actresses had an Internet show they did in Japan that had a connection with Kaze no Stigma, and that these videos were filmed and originally included on the Japanese DVD releases of the series. While I understand FUNimation wanting to include extras on this DVD release, I felt that including these videos on an American release was a bit of a stretch. Since I've never seen this Internet show, it was a little hard for me to entirely understand what was going on.

This disc also contains "Textless Songs." The songs included in this feature are the opening, as well as both of the ending credits songs that appear in the series. The final extra on this disc is "Trailers." The trailers included on this disc are for Venus Versus Virus, D. Gray Man, One Piece, Kenichi, Big Windup!, The Slayers, xxxHOLic, and Kaze no Stigma.

The second disc in the second slimline also has three extras. The first is parts four through six of "Ayano's House Call: All-You-Can Eat Cakes." All three of these parts focus on a "Reflect on our Errors Meeting" in Osaka, and the discussion that takes place in these parts deal with the aforementioned Internet show. The "Textless Songs" are exactly the same as what appears on the other disc in this set that has extras. The trailers on this disc are for One Piece, Pumpkin Scissors, Ghost Hunt, Mushi-Shi, Romeo x Juliet, Dragon Ball, Big Windup!, and Sgt. Frog.

Overall, I thought the series itself was actually quite good. There was a bit of fanservice, especially in regards to a number of panty shots of Ayano; however, the fanservice really doesn't distract from the story being told in the series. There is also some blood seen in the series, especially in some of the earlier episodes.

My one main complaint is the fact that the ending does feel a little rushed; however, the buildup to the ending is worth going through. I also appreciated how Kazuma's younger brother, Ren, was treated as much as a main character as Kazuma and Ayano. Typically in anime, the "cute" younger siblings are relegated to supporting roles, so it was nice to see Ren break that stereotype.

Personally, I would recommend Kaze no Stigma: The Complete Series to fans of the series, as well as to viewers who enjoy stories about magic users who can manipulate the elements.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of this DVD set that my husband bought for me as a gift.

Disc 1
Disc 2
The Wind Returns
Confrontation With the Past
The Head of the Kannagi Family
The Contractor
The One Who Casts Aside Doubt
The Price of Power
The Cost of a Soul
Ayano's Disaster
Meeting Under the Moon
The One to be Protected
Each Decision
Confession Under the Moon

Bonus Features

Disc 3
Disc 4
Let's Go to the Amusement Park
Another Ayano Disaster
Catherine Returns
Father And Son
How to Defeat a Magic User
Tokyo RPG
The Remnant of the Emerald
The Raging Wind Mage
Determination And Hesitation
The Crimson Flame
Protectors of the Wind

Bonus Features

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