Yoga to Stop Migraines

Yoga to Stop Migraines
If you get migraine headaches, here are yoga ideas to help you reduce their frequency and to bring their intensity under control.

Build yoga into your daily routine as a normal part of your schedule. That way your body gets used to yoga and it isn't a "shock to the system" when you try to do it. If your body is already having one shock with a migraine, you don't want to double-shock it with unusual activity. It's good to have your body used to yoga so that when you go to use it for this purpose your body welcomes it and understands what is going to happen.

A sun salutation sequence, with its whole body focus and gentle movement, is a great way to help reduce the symptoms in all parts of your body. A migraine is a whole-body issue and affects everything from your fingers to your toes, from your stomach to your head. A sun salutation helps to gently nurture every part of you, and bring you back into balance.

While you go through the steps - stretching, bending, curling up, curling down, give focus to each part you are going through. If your mind wanders, gently bring it back to the breath. If you feel stress from a condition you are embroiled in, let it go for now. Pay attention to this nurturing of your body. You can deal with the situation later. For now, you need your body to be healthy, and this is what you are doing to ensure that.

When you have completed your sun salutations, bring yourself down into corpse pose. Draw in long, deep breaths. Relax yourself starting at your toes and working your way up to the crown of your head. Blanket yourself with love and acceptance. You deserve to have serenity in your life. It is only by nurturing yourself that you can then help others out.

If, after this, you still feel tension in some part of your body, work to ease that out. If your neck is hurting, then sit and slowly rotate the crown of your head in slow circles, as if you were giving yourself a halo. If your shoulders are hurting, then slowly rotate your shoulders forward and around in circles. Listen to your body, and pay attention to its messages.

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