The Sweet Smell of Perfume- Making Your Own Blend

 The Sweet Smell of Perfume- Making Your Own Blend
Purchased a perfume lately? It’s more likely than not to be a synthetic fragrance that’s masquerading as your favorite perfume. An exception to the rule, is if your perfume contains essential oils. Essential oils are now the barometer for determining whether or not your perfume is the real thing and not a man made fragrance.

When the Artist of perfumery started with their blends, they were based on essential oils. But as man would have it, the natural way takes to long, so synthetics were developed. With synthetics comes more product, quicker and more money.

So perfumers turned to synthetics rather than continue to use the essential oils. Essential oils had one draw back for perfumers, they were expensive.

Some Perfumers like the use of synthetics, they feel that the synthetics actually offer a fresher scent and doesn’t deteriorate as quickly as the natural essentials. There was actually a time when only the wealthy and the priest were privy to perfumes of any kind.

Fragrance is incredibly personal! It smells different on whoever wears it. You can easily make your own!

The basic recipe for making perfume is:

essential oils - at least 25 drops divided evenly into base, middle and top notes. You’ll start with the base notes, working your way up to the middle notes and then the top notes.

Examples of Base notes: cedar wood, patchouli, sandalwood, cinnamon, vanilla
Middle notes: geranium, lemongrass, neroli, yland-ylang
Top notes :bergamot, lavender, lemon, lime, orange

You can use a few drops of vanilla and lavender to bridge the middle and top notes.

alcohol or vodka - 2.5 oz of grain alcohol and leave it in a cool dark place for at least 48 hours. If you are patient you’ll find that the longer your blend site, the stronger the aroma will be. So a blend sitting for up to 6 weeks is not unusual.

Spring Water Add 2 tablespoons of spring water after you’ve allowed your blend to sit, stir, then pour it through a coffee filter and put it into a beautiful perfume bottle.

Get creative and blend a uniquely scented perfume that becomes your personal signature.

Life Never Smelled So Sweet!

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