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BellaOnline's Fragrance Editor


The history of aromatherapy, and Aromatherapy 101 to start, then some more advanced techniques. Recipes for you to make your own products will be given.

Body Scrubs-Coffee or Lemmongrass? star
Itís a new year and a new you! You'll exercise and go on diets, but how will you take care of the skin you're in as you loose the weight? How about a spa oasis with scented body scrubs?

How To Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Lives star
Everyday your world is full of aromatic blends but are they natural? Learn how essential oils are incorporated into your life on a daily basis.

The Building Blocks of Aromatherapy star
Not only are essential oils the building blocks of aromatherapy, they are also the building blocks of a truly natural perfume. How would you begin your aromatic journey?

Tobacco Absolute, Not Just For Men star
While it might just be the right note for a masculine blend, tobacco absolute will add depth and exotic intrigue to floral essential oils like Jasmine, Tuberose and Ylang Ylang. Have you ever tried it in your blends or perfumes?

Using Essential Oils On Babies star
Finding the right essential oils for the Babies. Tips on using essential oils for your Baby

12 Months of Beautiful Scents, Part I star
Introducing 12 months of essential oils for your enjoyment. January gives us Eucalyptus the expectorant and decongestant. It relieves cold and flu

3 Ways to Increase Your Energy star
3 easy tips that show you how aromatherapy, breathing exercises, and yoga can give you a refreshing boost of energy!

5 Essential Oils To Boost Your Energy star
Looking for a natural way to boost your energy level? Essential oils can be blended in a variety of ways to give your energy a kick.

6 Ways to Add Floral Water To Your Regimen star
Floral waters/hydrosols, not just your supercharged all natural toners. Take a look at how they're used in everyday life.

9 Known Ways To Make The Most of Essential Oils star
Uses of essential oils run the gamut from body care products to aromatherapy. These wondrous plant extracts have plenty of uses and benefits known to many. Read more and discover the many uses of essential oils.

A Detoxifying Bath Using Essential Oils star
We subject our bodies to various kinds of toxins each day. Check out this spa-like indulgence to cleanse, refresh and detoxify...in your own home!

A Guide to Using Scents star
Weíve all heard of psychotherapy, oxygen therapy and now we have scent therapy. You may know it as aromatherapy. However itís known to you, scents are used to balance your mood and your mind, nourish your body and revive your spirit as an overall appreciation of its beauty.

A Love Affair With Lavender star
Essential oils have a way of attaching themselves to people and places. Take a few minutes and allow me to share an experience I had with Lavender. Maybe you've had a similar experience and ...

A Purifying Facial Mask Using Essential Oils star
Enjoy deliciously fresh skin all year long with mask that will help you have smooth,radiant, glowing skin.

A Simple Guide To Essential Oils star
We hear about them, like to talk about them, love to smell them but what are essential oils?

A Tub For Two star
Have you ever wanted to spend some quiet time with the one you love? A tub for two is a great place to start. Great ideas for you in the article this week.

Adding Essential Oil to Your Massage Blend star
While exercise, nutrition and a lifestyle change are extremely important to your health and well-being, massage can have a profound effect on you as well. Get recipe ideas for making your own massage oils.

Alternative Uses for Essential Oils star
In a time when health care is either too expensive or you donít qualify for it because of known illnesses, essential oils are making their way into the health care arena as alternatives to the world of medicine.

An Aromatic All-Over Body Mask star
Immerse yourself into blissful aromas with this exotic all-over body mask that's designed to smooth, revive and tone your skin.

An Herbal Spa Garden at Your Fingertips star
Have you ever thought about growing herbs? Did you know that you can do this in pot gardens? And Ö some of the herbs you grow can be used for more than just cooking. Revitalize your senses with the healing properties of herbs in your spa garden.

Aphrodisiacs ... Scenting Your Lingerie star
Looking for a way to add fragrance to your most personal possesion? Learn how to scent your lingerie in minutes.

Aromatherapy - The Gateway to Perfume star
This article is about a discussion that I had with professional friends this week about aromatherapy, essential oils and the roll each plays in our choice of fragrance. Do you know how aromatherapy works?

Aromatherapy and How We Use It In Skin Care star
Just by its name you know that the word Aromatherapy has something to do with scent. Often defined as aroma by scenting it literally means Fragrance Therapy. This article discusses the use of aromatherapy when used in skin care.

Aromatherapy and Its Use for Stress Relief star
Aromatherapy and Its Use for Stress Relief - Stress alters the way you think and takes hold of your mental and physical state. Learn how to change that using essential oils.

Aromatherapy and the Work Place star
Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to bring scented pleasures into your work space. Read about some of the essential oils that make great blends for work environments.

Aromatherapy And Why It Works star
Is it possible for essential oils and aromatherapy treatments to influence your mood and feelings? How would you answer this question? I've shared some feedback, read on ...

Aromatherapy and Your Emotional Well Being star
We all experience challenges in life, whether we consider them good or bad. Some of these challenges can wreak havoc on our emotional and spiritually well-being. Aromatherapy can assist us in being able to find solutions in balancing our emotions and spiritual selves. Read on to learn more ...

Aromatherapy and Your Work Environment star
Your work environment is just as important as your home environment. So it makes sense that you can also apply the principles of aromatherapy into your office setting to improve your work life.

Aromatherapy for Holiday Stress star
Holiday stress got you going in circles? Have no fear, your essential oils are here!

Aromatherapy For Reflexology star
Have you ever had a foot massage? How about one with a great smelling oil or sultry scented lotion? Aromatherapy is a great way to enhance a reflexology treatment. Just a few drops of an essential oil added ...

Aromatherapy in Your Kitchen star
Is your pantry full of herbs and spices. Here's a new way to experience aromatherapy

Aromatherapy-Balancing and Uplifting star
In a world where fragrance and aromas rule our space, most of us donít even acknowledge their presence. Does Aromatherapy bring balance to your mind, uplift your spirit and personal space?

Aromatic Oils star
Have you ever experienced the power and pleasure of essential oils? In this article we'll share information on how to use them.

Base Oils For Your Essential Oils star
As a rule of thumb, essential oils must always be diluted in a carrier or base oil. Find out which one works best for you!

Bath Salts and Their Beautiful Scents star
Anytime your body or muscles ache, bath salts are always top of mind for remedies and solutions. The lure of a warm tub of water filled with bath salts and an alluring scent will provide your tired body and sore muscles with a wonderful healing experience. Read more ...

Beat Stress with Aromatherapy star
When it comes to stress relief, you shouldnít miss out trying is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy makes use of essential oils which are basically plant extracts. Many essential oils can be used to relieve stress but the most popular in this category are lavender, chamomile and rose. Learn more ...

Beauty and The Bath star
Bathing can be looked at as therapeutical in and of itself. Not only does a warm bath offer you a sense of renewal, your body and its muscles relax, your mind wanders and you give way to utter and complete tranquility. Learn more ... get recipes ...

Beauty and the Bathtub! star
You can always find beauty in your bathtub. Turn your bathtub into an oasis for releaving tired muscles and sore back pain.

Beauty Tips For Healthy Looking Skin star
There's nothing like looking into the mirror and seeing how wonderful you skin looks. Essential oils play a very important role in the holistic approach you take to beautifying your skin. Here are a few tips to help you keep it that way.

Boost Your Beauty With Essential Oils star
At one time essential oils were only associated with aromatherapy. Now they are an internal part of the beauty world. Youíll find them in everything from spa products, to household products to skin and body treatment products. Test a few recipes ...

Bust Stress Wide Open with Essential Oils! star
Did you know you can use essential oils to help you create the mood you desire and release stress? Learn which oils can give your soul an empowering boost!

Can Scents Enhance Your Body Butters? star
When you hear the term "body butter" what do you think of? For me it's a luxurious whipped cream, thick in consistency, that when scented, it will have you immediately searching for more. Learn more about scenting body butters with essential oils for your skin type.

Can You Relieve Holiday Stress with Scented Baths? star
There's nothing more pleasurable than stepping into a warm bath filled with your favorite scents. So if holiday shopping's got you all worn out, step into the world of a long relaxing bath.

Clear Bad Vibes with Aromatherapy star
Negative energy/bad vibes are bound to hit all of us at one point or another. There are many ways to get rid of negative energy using aromatherapy. Learn more about it here.

Comfort of Frankincense and Myrrh star
Thereís nothing like the smell of Frankincense and Myrrh. They are two of the gifts from the Three Wise Men at the birth of Christ but see what else Frankincense and Myrrh are used for.

Creating a Scented Bath For Your Feet star
Whether itís from running a marathon or shopping the mall at Holiday time, your feet will welcome the comforting care of a hot foot bath. Read on and find out how to create a great foot bath for your feet.

Creative Uses for Essential Oils star
Essential oils have become a vital part of our grooming process because of the wide range of therapeutic benefits they offer. Discover some of their uses as you read this article.

Essential Oil Recipes for Diffusers star
Scented candles are great but if you havenít tried diffusing essential oils, you are really missing out on a lot. I've shared some great recipes, give them a try and tell us what you think in our fragrance forum.

Essential Oils and How They Are Used star
Essential oils have gained respect in industryís across the spectrum from beauty to home decor. But how exactly are they being used?

Essential Oils and How We Use Them star
Nurture and nourish your skin with this easy and indulgent banana facial!

Essential Oils and Their Energetic Uses star
Did you know that essential oils give and receive energy and that professional workers use them in different ways? Take a look at how natural healers use essential oils.

Essential Oils and Their Many Uses star
When you think of essential oils, typically, itís more about aromatherapy or perfume than kitchen cleansers or food additives. They cross all sorts of boundaries and today weíll see some of their many uses.

Essential Oils for Common Ailments star
Thereís more to essential oils than keeping you calm or giving you a good nightís sleep, they can also provide relief to common illnesses.Before stocking up on essential oils, know which ones are appropriate for you to consider. Read on to learn more.

Essential Oils for Feminine Beauty star
Most women like to idea of smelling good enough to eat and capturing attention with their feminine beauty using essential oils. For those of you that like smelling seriously sexy and don't mind grabbing a person by the noose and snatching them into your web of scentual blends ...

Essential Oils for Great Skin star
Essential oils have amazing benefits. It seems thereís nothing a little tinted bottle of essential oil canít do, including what many of us dream of Ė help in having great skin. Read on to learn more.

Essential Oils for Stress Relief star
Working through a somewhat stressful time in your life? Here are some solutions made with essential oils to help you relax .

Essential Oils on The Go star
Ok, so you can't work a trade show, in comfort, with your fingers burning. American Express reminds you to never leave home without it, the card that is. While it's a great idea, I also suggest you never leave home without your essential oils.

Essential Oils That Ease Emotions star
Has stress and other life challenging emotions come into your life lately? Discover essential oils that could help you relieve your stress related emotions

Essential Oils Used When Caring For Your Skin star
Your skin is very much alive and is as vital as your heart and lungs. So, the question now becomes how do you take care of your skin without the toxins? Natural essential oils are your answer.

Essential Oils, How To Benefit From Their Use star
Essential oils have powerful multidimensional properties that can provide a valuable alternative to conventional drugs. It is said that they can help in relieving buildup of stress, tension, anxiety and depression. Is it possible that you might be able to benefit from their use?

Essential Oils, Old & New star
Chatting with a friend can enable you to get re-acquainted with your essential oils. When's the last time you sat with a fried and had an aromatic experience?

Essential Oils, Simple Ways to Use Them star
Simple and elegant in their aromas, Essential oils have been used in so many areas of our lives. Explore the many uses as I highlight how essential oils are being used in our lives today.

Essential Oils, Take Me Away! star
Want to be taken away by the beauty of essential oils? Adding essential oils into the bath allows you to absorb them into your skin. You can also benefit from their soothing, calming and rejuvenating properties.

Essential Oils, The Unusual Suspects star
As a skilled aromatherapist and perfumer, do you share a love of essential oils and have an adventure to immerse yourself in a quality blend? Some of us have a tendency to work with the familiar, which means we donít try new things and in this case new oils. Here are the unusual suspects!

Essential Oils, Why Do We Use Them? star
Why do we use essential oils? Is it for spiritual, scenting or therapeutic reasons? Whatever the reason, they make a great addition to your pantry when it come to creating beautiful scent blends. Read on to learn more about why we use essential oils in our lives on a daily basis.

Essential OilsĖ Aroma by Scenting star
We all like a product that smells good and helps in relaxing our minds. Using essential oils, helps in achieving these results. Learn the benefits of using essential oils in your personal and work space.

Find Balance with Rose Essential Oil star
Did you know that the Rose is associated with the Heart Chakra? Rose essential oil has a balancing effect on your entire body and a reputation for relieving mood swings and depression. Learn more as I talk about Rose Essential Oil and its use.

Floral Waters, An Alternative to Scents star
Not everyone can wear perfumes. Floral waters also known as hydrosols can offer great alternatives. See what other uses they offer.

Fragrances - Using Them As Spiritual Tools star
Have you limited your fragrance experience to perfumes and foods? Has your encounter with essential oils given you a 'spiritual' experience?

Fragrant Natural Sunscreens for Skin star
The summer sun can give your skin a beautiful bronze glow. You also know that the harsh ultra-violet rays can wreak havoc on our skin. Dry and sun-burned skin will benefit from this nourishing and aromatic blend. Tell us what you think!

Gardener's Aromatic Salve star
Time to start something new. Could gardening be in the plan? If so, you're going to need skin care products to take care of your hands as you work with Mother Nature. Learn the beauty of essential oils as you work your garden and ...

Get Radiant Skin and Hair Using Essential Oils star
Want healthy and radiant skin and hair? Keep your skin and hair looking healthy with this simple guide to essential oils. Experience the pure essence in your beauty products.

Ginger and Its Aromatic Essence star
Ginger is often referred to as the "universal medicine". I touch on a personal encounter with ginger and how it's often used in our lives on a daily basis.

Giving Body Scrubs and Butters as Holiday Gifts star
Thereís nothing like a body scrub to remove dead skin cell build up after the winter months. Why wait until after winter. Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

Hand Sanitizers The Natural Way star
Have you ever thought of making a hand sanitizer thatís a little more skin friendly than the sheets or bottles we buy at the store? Here's a recipe to help you accomplish that.

Herbal Teas and Their Beautiful Aroma star
The flavorful aroma of an herbal tea blend can be so satisfying to your palette and your nose. Enjoy the beauty of herbal tea blends, whether it's to sooth an upset stomach or ...

Home Spa! Great Idea. star
Ooooo, ahh, any day is a great day at the spa. Can't take the time out of your busy schedule today? No worries, let's keep it in house. You can create your own spa-like environment and at least take a nice long soak in the tub. Looking for ideas, keep reading.

Honeysuckles For Your Bath star
Thereís nothing like taking a morning walk and having your senses embraced by the beautiful aroma of honeysuckle. Itís breathtaking! Have you ever experienced its beauty in your bath?

How To Create A Fragrant Bath star
Do you suffer from insomnia and nightmares? I believe in the power of the bath. Yes a bath has power. There are also sleep pillows, scented candles and essential oils that will help you naturally restore the gentle transition into sleep.

How To Create Essential Oil Blends For Your Skin star
Have you ever had a spa treatment and wanted to take the product home and relive the experience? Remember that scented body scrub or the aromatic facial massage, they were all part of an experience that keeps calling you back for more. Suppose you could recreate those blends and ...

How To Create Water Magic Using Aromatherapy star
How do you find peace after a somewhat busy and stressful day? If you're anything like me, you create water magic with aromatherapy by immersing yourself into a tub of relaxing water filled with essential oils that will allow you to give a long sigh of letting go. Discover more ...

How To Make Scented Spa Treatments star
When we think pumpkins and cranberries, it certainly brings to mind festive meals with family and friends. But how about creating great scented spa treatments for your face and your body.

How to Prolong the Shelf Life of Essential Oils star
Looking for a way to extend the shelf life of your essential oils? In this article I discuss the basics of what's needed to protect the shelf life of your essential oils.

How to Safely Use Aromatherapy Oils and Products star
Aromatherapy is a commonly seen concept in society today. However, just because it's commonplace does not mean that it can be taken for granted.

How To Start A Fragrance Business star
Have you ever thought of yourself as someone, that sells fragrances? Itís highly possible, you know. To find out how you might get started ...Read On

How To Turn Scent Spills Into Room Freshners star
How do you recycle spilled oil blends and still enjoy their beauty? Find out what happened to me when I thought I'd lost a beautiful oil blend.

How to Use Essential Oils for Babies star
Are you looking for a way to bring calm into your babies life? Have you tried essential oils for babies?

How To Use Essential Oils to Fight Bacteria star
There are many antibacterial items that are commercially available today. Whether it is soaps or wipes ...

How To Use Scented Body Oils As Super Moisturizers star
One of the benefits of massage is that of getting your skin super moisturized when the masseuse uses natural oil. You can provide this same service to yourself as a self-massage when you use body oils as you step out of the tub or shower. Learn about natural oils that nourish and scent your body.

Hydrosols Ė Are They Really Aromatherapy? star
Hydrosols, are they as good as what we know to be "real" aromatherapy? Read on and find out what they are and how they are used.

Immortelle, A Goddess Experience! star
I was visiting with a friend yesterday, sheís my friend that shares my world of essential oils. When I walked into her space I thought, my how youíve grown. We disappeared into a world of pure essential delight.

Lavender Folklore and Recipes star
Lavender, a well known and loved fragrance has many uses. This article covers a little history of lavender; as well as some ways to make lavender products for your own use or for gifts.

Lavender, The All Purpose Essential Oil star
Did you know that Lavender is one of the base oil for most perfumes? It's also great for skin care and burns. Learn more about Lavender ...

Lemongrass & Vanilla star
Sounds good, Iíll have a slice with one scoop. Oh, I thought we were talking about pound cake and ice cream. Ok, so I can have the aroma without the....

Making New Friends With Aromatherapy star
Is it aromatherapy or the law of attraction at work? Perhaps they go hand in hand. Here is a description of how I used aromatherapy and meditation to start bringing some needed change into my life.

Mandarin Essential Oil star
I'm sweet and tangy, I have floral undertones and I can soften dry skin? What else can It do? Allow your curiosity to guide you to the answer as you read this article.

Metaphysical Aromatherapy star
Thereís more to aromatherapy than meets the eye, or nose. In this article we explore the metaphysical aspects of aromatherapy that can be simply applied in our everyday lives.

Mother Nature, The Original Aromatherapist star
Have you been outside lately? Notice any changes in the aroma in the air? The smell of honeysuckle, lavender or the stench of a skunk? Say hello to Mother Nature, the original aromatherapist.

Natural Gift Box Sets for the Holiday Season star
The holiday season is just around the corner, so what better gift to give than the beauty of a gift box set. Filled with essential oil aromas, everything from bath salts, to soaps, to perfumes and room fresheners. Natural scented gift boxes are a great idea, read on and learn more.

New Beginnings With the Help of Aromatherapy star
Learn about the benefits of working with aromatherapy and candles to help you move forward into new beginnings..

Orange Oil star
Orange oil is a great addition to your kitchen and your perfume. How will you add it to your mix?

Pamper Party! You and Your Significant Other star
Pamper Yourself with a Soothing Scented Massage or a tub for two. Either way it will be worth the experience.

Peppermint Oil for Ethnic Skin and Hair star
Soothe your skin with this refreshing and aromatic pick-me-up! Peppermint Oil ... learn about what it can do to enhance the beauty of your skin and hair.

Perfumes - Giving Flight To Your Emotions star
Perfumes have always been used to seek or provide pleasure. They enhance our emotions. Does what your nose tell you make life worth living?

Perfumes and Aromatherapy star
To those of you looking to discover the beauty and power of essential oils, thereís no better way than learning how to blend them. You'll learn the power of aromatherapy as it's expressed in the use of perfume. Learn more

Reducing Stress With Bath Teas star
A bath in and of itself is a great way to relax and help melt away the stress of the day. Enhancing your bath with a little herbal blend is even better. Enter the Bath Tea. Learn a bit more as you continue to read.

Restore and Renew Your Energy With Aromatherapy star
When coupled with exercise, diet, and other aspects of your health routine, aromatherapy can be a very effective tool in restoring your energy level.

Restore and Revive With Aromatherapy star
There's nothing like an essential oil to lift your mood, revitalize your skin or help you to relax in the mist of chaos. Here are a few ways to restore and revive your skin, your mood and your entire body.

Rosemary - The Essential Oil of the Week star
Thereís nothing like baked chicken or steamed vegetables seasoned with fresh rosemary, and the beauty of its aroma as it glides past your nose. But what about blending it with other essential oils for your hair and skin?

Rosemary Oil & Herbs For the Holidays star
I was shopping for paper towel and found fresh Rosemary and Sage plants. What a great surprise! And no it wasn't your typical health food store chain. Is fresh, natural and organic finding its way into your traditional shopping environment?

Rub a dub dub, Letís Make a Fragrant Scrub star
Cleanse, tone and detoxify your face and body with tips and techniques about scrubs

Scent Therapy and You star
Using scents as a way to soothe the sometimes savage beast in you is a wonderful thing. These tidbits of how scents can nourish, enhance your environment and provide a tranquil space for you, will hopefully spark the creative side in you.

Scented Blends for Winter Skin star
This weeks article will focus on scented blends for winter skin. Itís a given that if you live in climates where the wind will slice and dice your face as you turn the corner, your skin is going to need a little TLC.

Scented Foot Baths star
Did you know that your feet are extremely important to the health of your body? Essential oils and some sea salt can be the making of a great relationship with your feet. Explore the recipes for great foot care and share them with friends.

Scented Homemade Hand Creams for Healthy Hands star
If youíre a gardner, during the summer months, your hands help you with everything you do. In this article weíll take a look at ways to protect your hands and nails with a great smelling hand cream and cuticle oil.

Scenting Your Way To Beautiful Feet star
Four to six inch stiletto heels are pretty in photo shoots but not for your feet. Create a foot mask and have an ahhhh moment with your feet.

Scents of Summer star
Learn about Lemon and Spearmint Essential oils and how they can beautify your skin, uplif your spirits or quinch your thirst.

Should You Avoid Essential Oils During Pregnancy? star
Protecting both Mother and child, some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy. Discover the oils that are on that list.

Slenderize and Detox With a Seaweed Bath star
You work hard to keep fit. You eat right. You try to lead a clean lifestyle. Is there something more that you can do to improve your health and looks? Yes, you need to detox as well to get rid of the accumulated wastes in your body.

Spearmint & Eucalyptus Two For the Road star
Looking for the perfect scent to take to the beach? A scent that's a great combination for creating a relaxing, tranquil and sensual environment. To learn more, read on...

Stimulate and Invigorate With Essential Oils star
Thereís nothing like needing a pick me up that will stimulate and invigorate your mind, body and soul.

Sweet Honey and The Lips! star
This home-made aromatic honey lip balm is just what you need to protect and heal chapped lips. Your face can also benefit from the use of honey, find out how!

The 4 Elements and Essential Oil Blends star
Celebrate beginnings or endings

The Aromatic Beauty of a Soothing Milk Bath star
In the spirit of warm weather and the quest for soft, smooth and radiant skin, what better way to pamper yourself than with an exotic fizzing milk bath that will also soothe away all your stresses and bring delight and serenity.

The Beautiful Scent of Beauty Products star
Honey kissed lip balms, scented body splashes Ö these are just two ways to use scented beauty products. Why would you want to scent your beauty products? One reason is that they make you smell so good.

The Beauty of A Scented Body Mask star
There's nothing like a body treatment. So why not treat yourself to a full body mask. They can deep cleanse, soften and smooth your skin all while providing you with a refreshing aromatic treatment.

The Beauty of Geranium Essential Oil star
In a world of scents and aroma Geranium Essential Oil, is not to be overlooked or taken lightly. Explore the beauty of Geranium and learn a few tidbits about how it's used in the world of scent.

The Beauty of Lemongrass Essential Oil star
Have you ever used and experienced the beauty of Lemongrass? What do you know about it? Learn about Lemongrass and some of its benefits and uses.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy star
Are you looking for a way to reduce stress or soothe tired muscles? Learn the benefits of working with aromatherapy and essential oils.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy and Massage star
Have you ever had an aromatic massage? Journey with me as I share my experience and the wonderful choice of oils used by the therapist.

The Benefits of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy star
Most people donít realize the many benefits that aromatherapy can bring into your life. Do you? You'll find tips for purchasing as well as oils that are known to reduce stress as you read on.

The Benefits of Orange Essential Oil star
Taking life too seriously, take a whiff of orange essential oil. It's certainly uplifting but it will also help you relax. Enjoy the article as you find other benefits of using Orange essential oil.

The Benefits of Rose Essential Oil star
If you're looking for the "Oil of Love", you've found it. Rose essential oil will bring a man to his knees. Cleopatra showed you how to do it with Mark Anthony.

The Holiday Gift of Scent - Always Works! star
Who doesn't enjoy a beauty scent. If you havenīt already discovered the soothing, healing powers of essential oils and aromatherapy, thereīs no time like the present to get started.

The Intriguing World of Patchouli star
Long before the Hippie Era, Patchouli was used in Far Eastern countries for medicinal purposes. The 60's 70's gave Patchouli an awakening and revitalized it's use. Learn more about Patchouli and how to use it in today's space.

The Key To Relaxation star
If you havenīt already discovered the soothing, healing powers of essential oils and aromatherapy, thereīs no time like the present to get started. Your mind, body -- and nose -- will thank you.

The Power of a Scented Bath star
We all recognize how certain scents have the ability to evoke memories and arouse certain emotional reactions. But thereís nothing like experiencing those memories in a tub filled with warm water and a beautiful scent...

The Rose-A Symbol of Beauty and Wellness star
Whatís so special about the Rose? While volumes have been written about this flower and the beautiful oil it produces, here's a brief overview of the two main oils gotten from its flowers.

The Scent of A Man star
Locker rooms, sneakers, dirty clothes piled high on a chair in the corner of the room ..... those are some of the scents ....

The Secret To Smelling Good star
One thing I know about working with child, you'd better be honest and ready for questions. Try working with a group using essential oils and watch the magic of scenting come to life. Here I share my experience ...

The Wonderful Benefits of Essential Oils star
Discover how combining this "magic plant" with the healing properties of select essential oils can add volume and shine to your hair.

Top Ten Essential Oils for Aromatherapy star
Discover the top 10 essential oils used in aromatherapy for stress relief, skin care, hair care, to boost energy, confidence and more.

Treat Your Entire Body To Some R & R star
What will you do to bring some well-deserved tranquility into your space? You've made it through the stress of the holidays. Got all your shopping done, everyone liked his or her gifts and now it's time for you. Spa Treatments!

Uncover The Sensuous Woman In You With Scents star
Provocative potions and sultry scent blends are what discovering the sensuous woman in you are all about.

Uplifting Your Mood with Scents star
Feeling tired and mentally deflated? Then itís time for you put some pep back into your step by using scents to uplift your moods.

Using Aromtherapy for Scent Combinations star
Aromatherapy as natural perfume? Why not! Have you ever created a blend to treat an emotional condition using the practice of aromatherapy and Really liked how it smelled?

Using Clays to Beautify Your Skin star
Clays have been used for centuries as a method to help beautify your skin. They can protect your skin and hair from the sun. Read on to learn more about the use of clays when used in beauty regimens.

Using Essential Oils for Natural Beauty star
Do you use a face cleanser? How about the oil cleansing method. That's right, using oil to cleanse your face. Yes you can actually use oils to cleanse your face, dry, oily or combination skin. Read more about it ...

Vanilla Essential Oil, Oh So Sweet! star
Vanilla !!!! When we think of vanilla we typically think of ice cream, chocolate icings, deserts and your grandmotherís pound cake.

What Scents are on Your Spa Menu? star
When you want to relax and take a break, what do you do? Going to the spa is sure to show up on the list. Fruit facials, skin softening scemted body scrubs and relaxing massages are all part of the menu. Learn more about spa menus ...

Your Scented Bath Time Ritual star
Have you been wanting to get-a-way but just haven't found the time? Break free from routine and nourish your body and soul with an enchanting fragrant bath time ritual.

Your Summer Survival Kit star
Summerīs in full swing, which means sun exposure is likely taking its toll on your skin and hair. Add these "must haves" to your beauty travel bag to keep yourself looking and feeling great all summer long.

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