Aquarion is a science fiction series that is an homage to the "Super Robot" shows that were prevalent in anime in the 1970s and 1980s.

Eleven years before the start of the series, the "Great Catastrophe" destroyed significant parts of the world, and killed many people. At the same time the disaster hit, the Shadow Angels appeared. The Shadow Angels are a winged humanoid species, and it appeared they had been in a slumber for 12,000 years. The Shadow Angels harvest the humans on Earth to extract their life force; this serves as energy and nutrition for the Shadow Angels.

A human expedition excavated three technologically advanced fighter planes. An organization called Deava researched these machines, and called them Vectors (Vector Luna, Vector Mars, and Vector Sol). During their research, they discover that only people who are Element Users can control the Vectors, and make them unite to form Aquarion.

In the first episode, an orphan named Apollo is found. He appears to be a reborn hero (Apollonius), who betrayed the Shadow Angels for his love, Celiane. Apollo has a kind heart and noble spirit, even though he acts rude, aggressive, and sometimes even bestial. He also has sharp reflexes and senses. Apollo gradually acquires new talents, as well as possessing an amazing ability to pilot Aquarion.

Silvia is the female protagonist, and is the reincarnation of Celiane. She possesses great physical strength, as well as an admiration for her brother, Sirius (who many, including himself, believe is the real reincarnation of Apollonius). At first, she acts like a brat and attempts to sabotage her brother's romantic relationships. By the end of the series, however, she starts developing strong feelings for Apollo.

Reika is a sensitive girl who possesses a strange ability of causing misfortune to those around her. Many people try to avoid her, except for Sirius. Pierre is the most hyperactive of the Element Users; however, he is among the most clear-sighted of the Element Users.

Aquarion tries to combine CG and 2D animation. Unfortunately, the way they tried to combine the two animation styles didn't work, especially since the animators weren't consistent about how they utilized the two styles. So, when you watch the series, the changing animation styles can distract you from the story. However, it is an interesting story and should have an appeal to anime fans that appreciate Super Robot stories and series.

Personally, I would recommend Aquarion to anime viewers who are 14 or 15 years of age and older.

Release Year(s)
N.A. Licensor
Aquarion262005 Shoji KawamoriSatelightFUNimation Entertainment
Genesis of Aquarion22007 Shoji KawamoriSatelightN/A
Gekijoban AquarionN/A2007 Shoji KawamoriSatelightN/A
Aquarion Evol262012 Shoji Kawamori and Yusuke YamamotoSatelightFUNimation Entertainment

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