Tis the Season for Beautiful Holiday Gift Scents

Tis the Season for Beautiful Holiday Gift Scents
Tis the season! Well technically any time of the year is the season for a beautifully scented gift. But for most people “The Holidays” seem to be when beautiful scents take center stage.

Scented items come in so many different forms. Naturally you have your perfumes but then there’s the sachet pouch, soaps, neck pillows, potpourri, shampoo’s and body products.

Where do you begin?

You can always make your own scents. They will act as the foundation for any bath or soap product that you make.

What’s the purpose of your product? Is your scent to be sensual, cleansing or deodorizing?

When you’re making soaps you’ll need to know if your scents will withstand the saponification process. Citrus groups will require fixatives such as benzoin or tea tree.

Let’s talk about scented soaps as Holiday Gift Items

Many soap makers are tempted to create their own essential oils. Ok, you can do that but is the time it’ll take and the amount of flowers you’ll need worth your return on investment? Thought Not!

So let’s work with essential oils and/or in this case synthetic/fragrance oil for scenting your soaps.

If you’re making a lye based soap, it’s wise to include your oils directly after trace when your lye is at its weakest.

But the easiest soaps to make for gifts are melt and pour soaps. There are three basic melt and pour soap base: clear glycerin, white glycerin and white coconut oil soap based.

They all melt easily in a double boiler and can be poured into decorative molds. They set almost immediately, enabling you to create a scented gift soap instantly.

One of my favorite recipes is Petal Soaps:

These are individual soaps and are perfect for Holiday or Wedding Gifts. They’re beautiful in a pretty jar or a bowl placed beside your sink.

Here’s what you’ll need: Your “molds” will be silk flower petals. You can purchase them at craft stores, home good stores or you can remove them from silk flowers and trim the excess.

Melt and pour:

4 oz of clear glycerin soap base


5 drops of rose fragrance oil
5 drops of baby powder fragrance oil
or you can put your own blends together

Place the silk petals one by one in a melted soap base until the petal is completely coated. Remove your petal with tweezers and place them on a wax paper sheet. If you’re not using them right away place them in an airtight container to keep them fresh and so as not to dry them out.

You can find some beautiful glass pieces that will serve as containers for your scented Petal gifts.

This is just one of the scented gift recipes that you can make for the coming Holiday Season. It’s quick and its never been easier to produce a beautifully fragrant gift.

Life Never Smelled So Sweet!

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