Perfume Oils for Winter Blends

Perfume Oils for Winter Blends
The temperatures have cooled down, the air is crisp and the scents are bouncing off your skin with a swiftness. That’s what happens with winter perfume blends.

They’re blended together so that your skin can absorb them and have them melt into it like vanilla ice cream on top of a slice of warm apple pie.

Imagine having a blend of sandalwood, vanilla and amber oils working together and as it hits your warm skin, the aromatic sensuality evolves like a mist into from the air. Wow, I like it already.

As much as I dislike cold weather with a passion, I love the smell of sandalwood, vanilla and amber. This combination reminds me of warm sensual nights and my body chemistry likes this combination. How about Yours?

These three essential oils are often the base oils used in perfume blends of winter scents and can be worn as single scents as well.

Sandalwood is a warm spicy fragrance often associated with a tropical forest. But the one cool thing that I like about Sandalwood is that it’s calming and helps to relieve tension and confusion. So the next time I walk into a room and have some confusion as to why I’m there, I hope I remember to reach for sandalwood oil.

Vanilla is a sweet and warm like scent. I’ve been told that when you reach for a chocolate bar what’s really calling you is the vanilla. Vanilla calms, relaxes and softens anger, frustration and irritability.

Vanilla is an oil used in both perfumery and food. It’s ideal for flavoring ice cream and drinks.

Amber, technically is not an essential oil. It’s a resin that has other oils added to it and these oils bring out the warm earthy aroma of the Amber Resin. The first resin came from, conifer Pinus succinifera, a particular pine tree.

In the scheme of things, these three oils would be considered heavy but in essence they provide you with a great foundation for creating your own special perfume for the winter season. Each one of them can be worn as single note scents and if you really want to take them to the side of mystique, add Jasmine, Mandarin Orange or Rose Otto to your blend. You'll get pure luxurious pleasure.

Try introducing these essential oils to your pantry of oils and see what you can come up with as a winter blend. Don’t want to try your hand at blending, the department and specialty stores will be happy to help you find perfumes with these oils as their foundations.

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