Spiritual roots of abuse

Spiritual roots of abuse
Spiritual roots of abuse.

Ever wondered why going for therapy with various professionals did not help?

Why attending support groups religiously and following all the suggestions did not work?

Did you ever think that the abuse could be linked to a spirit of abuse attached to your soul?

When abuse takes place at an early age and even later; it opens the door for spirits to attach themselves to your soul, body and or mind. Conventional therapy cannot help as it deals with emotions and scientific facts only. You do not even know these spirits are there as you work on overcoming the abuse, but fail at every turn! Or perhaps you tasted a bit of recovery only to lapse back into the abuse…..

Spiritual bindings are real; they exist and their biggest power over us is this: that we choose to believe they do not exist and thus do not address them at all; leaving them free to wreak havoc with our lives. For some people the fear of the unknown stops them from addressing anything spiritual, perhaps your religion says demons and spirits do not exist and neither does satan or even God.

Abuse is not a good thing; it is from a darkness meant to hurt and break you down as a person. This spirit seeks only one thing: to completely destroy you by keeping you in survival mode forever if you let it. In survival mode you are not able to be the person you truly are or to taste the joy of life.

You will know it is spiritual when you have read every self help book, gone to many support groups, seen various professionals, perhaps even church ministers and still have not been able to break the cycle of abuse in your life. A spirit of abuse has attached itself to you and the longer you choose to ignore it or deny its existence; the longer it will rule your life and eventually end it.

No tablet will get rid of it, only deliverance will. If you are a child of God and your faith is very strong, you can tell the spirit to leave in Jesus’ name yourself and it will have no choice but to go, else ask your Minister to pray with you and if he does not do deliverance, find someone reputable that does.

Spiritual warfare is real and happening today more than ever. The longer you choose to deny it, the longer it will have power over your life.

I’m adding a link to Tom Brown’s book which has helped me a great deal and I am hoping it will do the same for you.

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