Best Student Council

Best Student Council
Best Student Council is an anime series produced by J.C. Staff and directed by Yoshiaki Iwasaki.

The main character of the series is a teenage girl named Rino Rando. At the beginning of the series, she had been living on her own since the passing of her mother. Thanks to her mysterious penpal, Mr. Poppit, she is able to transfer to Miyagami Private Academy; he has paid her tuition, and has also secured an apartment for her. Unfortunately, when she gets there, she finds that the apartment building has burned down. And since her luggage had been sent ahead of her, she loses all of her things in the fire. The only thing that Rino has is a hand puppet named Pucchan.

Miyagami Private Academy is a mysterious all-girls high school. The student council is known as the Miyagami Academy Maximum Authority Wielding Best Student Council (which is known as the Best Student Council for short). The council has its own Assault, Covert, and vehicle divisions. Through various circumstances, Rino finds herself becoming a member of the Best Student Council by the end of the first episode. Even though she herself doesn't have any emarkable talents, her puppet Pucchan has a "Burning" ability.

Kanade Jinguuji is the president of the Best Student Council. She takes a special interest in Rino and takes care of her. Nanaho Kinjo is one of the two vice presidents of the council and is the leader of the Assault Squad; she uses a yo-yo as a weapon. Kuon Ginga is the other vice president and is the top ranking member of the Covert Squad.

The covert squad is made up of Sayuri Hida, Rein Tsunomoto, and Kaori Izumi. Sayuri fights with a wooden sword, Rein uses playing cards as her weapon, and Kaori fights bare-handed. The Covert Squad is made up of Seina Katsura, Kotoha Kutsugi, Ayumu Ohme, and Minamo Katsura. Seina is the captain of the squad, Kotoha uses shurikens as her weapons, Ayumu becomes Rino's best friend, and Minamo is Seina's little sister. The only known member of the Vehicle Squad is Cyndi Manabe.

As I watched the first episode of the English dub version of this series, I felt it was rather "over the top"; I especially found Rino's puppet to be rather bizarre. To me, Best Student Council is basically a "high school anime" with a couple of elements that tries to differentiate it from other similar anime. Animation-wise, it relies on many of the same tropes that other similar anime series use. Content-wise, there was nothing too terribly objectionable in either the visuals or in the dialogue.

If you enjoy anime series set in a high school that are "over the top" in nature, then you will get enjoyment out of Best Student Council. Personally, I would recommend this series to anime viewers who are 12 or 13 years of age and older.

Release Year(s)
N.A. Licensor
Best Student Council262005Yoshiaki IwasakiJ.C. StaffAEsir Holdings

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