20 Last MinuteTime Fillers

20 Last MinuteTime Fillers
We have all been there. The lesson material went quickly, but the clock didn't move nearly as fast. What do you do to fill the rest of the time? You can't really let the kids just run off and wreak havoc throughout the church building. Not only would that be irreverent, but it would disrupt everyone else while they are trying to learn in their own classes. Can you even imagine?

Well, worry no more. Make a copy of these ideas and you will have an arsenal of time fillers at your finger tips. And the best part? The kids will not be the wiser. They will think you had it planned all along.

20 Time Fillers for Primary--or What to do With Leftover Time After Your Lesson

1. Memorize a key scripture from the lesson you just gave.

2. Play a review game of Tic-Tac-Toe using questions from the lesson.

3. Have your children share one concept they learned from the lesson.

4. Share a personal experience or share your testimony of the lesson given.

5. Have children share their favorite scripture story.

6. Help the children memorize the Articles of Faith.

7. Have a scripture chase with key scriptures from your lesson.

8. Act out a story from a previous lesson - see who can remember.

9. Share a favorite primary song - sing together as a class.

10. Let the children ask you any gospel oriented questions they have.

11. Talk about how to get the inactive children to attend - assign one to call.

12. Play "Who am I?" give clues of a scripture hero, let the kids guess.

13. Hold up a picture of someone or something gospel related and have kids tell all they know about it.

14. Generate class discussion - "Do you know anyone who..." (told a lie, and then got in deeper, stood up for own beliefs, etc.)

15. Toss a bean bag to kids to see who gets to ask or answer questions.

16. Discuss a challenge/goal for the class to achieve next Sunday.

17. Mark favorite scriptures.

18. Teach the children how to use the bible dictionary, glossary, & references.

19. Play Simon says... "If Noah built and ark put your hands on your head or if Moses baptized Jesus sit on the floor." They only do the things that are true.

20. Play 10 questions with characters or concepts from the lesson (A YES guess is without penalty, a No response puts an X in one of the 10 circles. They need to guess the answer before running out of circles.)

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