The Choice is Right

The Choice is Right
This is a fun Sharing Time that I found in my files. I am not sure exactly where I obtained it, so if you know who wrote this, please let me know and I will be happy to give credit where credit is due.

Heavenly Father has given me agency, and I am accountable for my Choices…

The Choice Is Right !!

Microphone –
Barbara Barker –Model – (with Prize Bag)
Game #1 –
Game #2 –
Game #3 –
Game #4 –
Game #5

Microphone - will pick 5 sticks and call down the contestants.
“name, come on down, you are the next contestant on The Choice Is Right!”

Barbara Barker,will then read the scripture and ask each contestant to guess which verse it is. The contestant closest to the correct answer without going over will come up to play another game. The next 4 contestants will come up to play another game based on who was closest to the correct verse.

** (If time permits, have Microphone call down only three contestants. Barbara will then read a scripture and the closest guess will play the next game. After each round, Microphone will call another contestant down and Barbara will read another scripture pertaining to the theme. This continues until all five contestants have been chosen and have played their game.)**

The audience will help us be the buzzer for correct or incorrect responses. “Ding, ding, ding, (correct) and buzz, buzz, buzz, (incorrect).”

At the end of each game the contestant may pick from the prize bag that our lovely model, will have.

Scriptures: “Therefore, hold up your light that it may shine unto the world.” This scripture is found in 3rd Nephi, chapter 18, What is the number of the verse? (24)

Game #1 The Power of Prayer
The contestant will be given six word strips to place in the correct order on the board. The correct answer is: Kneel, Dear Heavenly Father, I thank thee, I ask thee, Listen, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. The contestant has 20 seconds to place the strips in the correct order. If they get them all correct the audience will say “ding, ding, ding”. If not, the contestant will hear, “buzz, buzz, buzz”. They will then be told how many are correct and given 20 more seconds to correct their answer.

** No matter what, each contestant gets to visit our model and the prize bag.

Game #2 Follow the Prophet
The contestant will see nine names on the board (each name is on poster board) and must select only the names of past or present prophets. The correct answers are in bold: Gordon B. Hinckley, Parley P. Pratt, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas S. Monson, David O. McKay, Wilford Woodruff, Woodrow Wilson, Bruce R. McConkie, and Joseph Smith
If they get them all correct the audience will say “ding, ding, ding”. If not, the contestant will hear, “buzz, buzz, buzz”. They will then be told how many are correct and given a second chance to find all of the prophets’ names.

Game #3 Golf to Glory
The contestant will answer four questions pertaining to choosing wisely to achieve good consequences. For each correct answer, the contestant will receive one try at a hole in one, with a total possible of four attempts.
The questions are as follows:
1. Your friends are always cursing at lunch, you fall and spill your lunch all down the front of your clothes. A curse word comes to your mind. What do you do?
2. You are supposed to practice your instrument 30 minutes a day. You have to turn in a log of your practice, but you can’t remember how much or when you practiced. You are tempted to just fill in some numbers making sure it adds up to enough minutes. What do you do?
3. You can’t believe what you just heard about a boy in your class and what is going on in his family. You really want to tell your best friend. What do you do?
4. You are invited to a party on a Sunday. You know your parents won’t let you go but you don’t want to tell your friend that you can’t go because you have to go to church. You are tempted to make up another excuse. What do you do?
For each correct answer, the contestant will be permitted to putt for a hole in one. (I used a portable putting green, a real putter and golf ball.)

Game #4 Strong Through Song
The contestant will be shown a list of seven primary songs. He will then be read some trials or problems that someone might face. The contestant must then identify a song that they could sing that would help them to make a wise choice and would result in a positive consequence.
The songs are as follows:
1. I Want to be Reverent, p. 28a
2. Dare to do Right, p. 158
3. Nephi’s Courage, p.
4. Kindness Begins with Me, p. 145b
5. I am Trying to be like Jesus, p.78
6. I Believe in Being Honest, p.149
7. I am a Child of God, p.2
The problems are as follows:
1. You are tempted to steal.
2. You are lonely in school.
3. Everyone is picking on a kid you don’t like in school.
4. Someone tells you a joke in the chapel.
5. You have a very hard choice to make.
** Any of the above songs could bring us to a better choice so any answer is correct.**

Game #5 Wisdom through Whispers
The contestant is given three circles. One is Green, one is Yellow, and one is Red. (Mine were large and taped to pencils) They are then given three situations in which the Holy Ghost is trying to inspire them. They must decide which kind of inspiration they are receiveing.
For example:
Green – You are doing your homework and suddenly feel that you should call the new kid in your primary class and remind him/her about the activity on Saturday. (The Holy Ghost inspires you to do something.)
Yellow – You are walking home from school and feel that you should change your route home. You don’t know why, you just feel you should go another way. (The Holy Ghost inspires you to change some behavior or to be ware.)
Red – You show up at a party and find out there is alcohol there. You really feel that you should leave right away. You are very uncomfortable. (The Holy Ghost inspires you to get out, to stop, or to do something immediately!)

Good Luck! And have a lot of fun.

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