Birthday Ideas for Primary

Birthday Ideas for Primary
This is a compilation of several ideas I have collected over the years. I hope that these will spark an idea or two of your own and help you find that just perfect item to use in your own primary to celebrate birthdays.

*Bookmarks with a picture and/or scripture that go along with the Primary theme for the year.

*A framed picture of Jesus with the children. At the end of each month have a member of the bishopric come a give a little talk about the theme for the month and then call the birthday children up and present the framed picture.

* Spotlight the birthday children each month. Get information from their parents in advance and at the first of each month take a few minutes during opening exercises to spotlight the children. For the gifts, buy different things (pencils, stickers, book marks, etc.), wrap them up and let the children choose out of the birthday gift box.

* Make bracelets that say WWJD? with beads added all along the sides.

* Make them each a CD with Christ's picture on one side and the song "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" on the other. Put a string on to hang it up. On the shiny side is where you put the small picture of Christ so when the children/teachers look at Christ they see themselves in the shiny part.

* Make them each a little goodie bag. Inside have the pamphlet of the talk that Pres. Benson gave several years ago "to the children of the church" and also put in a primary pencil, an article of Faith card, a balloon, an eraser, those kinds of little things.

* Give a birthday card and a scripture marking pencil, then have a birthday party once a month for all the children with birthdays in that month. Invite the bishop! Serve cake and ice cream and the children get to play with the Bishop. During the winter months meet at the church for an hour and let the kids play in the gym with the Bishop and his counselors. During the warmer months meet at a park.

* Bring the teachers and the children up and let them pick a pencil out of a box that is wrapped like a present. Have a picture of a big cake that is laminated and they get to put a candle w/their name on the cake. At the end of the year, celebrate everyone's birthday with cake.

* Tie three crayons together (red, yellow, blue) and attach a little card that has the song "Primary Colors" with raffia to the crayons.

* Purchase the Mormon ad postcards (.50 cents for 8) and laminate them. Let the kids choose whichever one they like. They will really enjoy finding the one that means something special to them.

Leader Ideas

*Make little bags of treats that are stapled to a cute card of appreciation.
* Run off a copy of President Hinckley's 10 Virtues, and frame it.

*Give them a pencil bag filled with pencils, chalk, crayons and anything that can help them and come in handy with their lessons.

* Give them a card with a coupon to use for a substitute for a lesson. They can use it when they need a Sunday off.

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