Dragon Ball GT Season One Box Set

Dragon Ball GT Season One Box Set
The Dragon Ball GT Season One box set includes five DVDs that contain 34 episodes of the series. The first four discs contain seven episodes, while the fifth disc contains six episodes and the extras.

Dragon Ball GT is the only Dragon Ball anime series to not be based off of Akira Toriyama's manga. At the beginning of the series, Emperor Pilaf and his cronies sneak into the Upper Realm and find the Black Star Dragon Balls that had been hidden away by Kami before he had split with Piccolo Daimao. Goku is also there, training with Oob. Goku catches Pilaf in the act, and out of frustration, Pilaf wishes that Goku was a child again. Shen Long grants this wish, and Goku is a child again.

It's quickly discovered that the Black Star Dragon Balls scatter across the universe instead of across the Earth after a wish has been granted. It's also learned that if the balls are not gathered together and returned to Earth within a year, the Earth will be destroyed. Using a spaceship from Capsule Corp, Goku sets out on a journey to find the Black Star Dragon Balls; he is joined by Trunks and his granddaughter, Pan.

On the main menu of the first four discs, you can choose to watch all the episodes, watch the disc with the marathon feature, choose which episode you want to watch, and set up your language and subtitle options. One of the best features of this Dragon Ball GT set is the marathon feature; this allows you to watch all of the episodes back-to-back. However, with the marathon feature, you only see the opening credits once, and the ending credits are not shown. This feature is very helpful when you're trying to watch all of the episodes on a disc in a single sitting.

In the setup menu, you can choose between the English audio from when the series originally aired on television, the English dialogue with the original Japanese music, and Japanese dialogue and music. In this menu, you can also choose to turn the subtitles on and off.

The menu on the fifth DVD adds in a link for the special features. This set includes a textless opening and a textless version of the first closing song. On these textless songs, the credit text is gone, but there are still subtitles that appear on the screen. Also in the extras menu is a link for trailers. The trailers included on this set are for: Hana, Tsubasa, Yu Yu Hakusho, Vexille, Samurai 7, Dragon Ball Z, Case Closed, and Dragon Ball GT.

Compared to Dragon Ball Z, it seems that the Dragon Ball GT episodes have a much better pacing; I definitely didn't feel nearly as bogged down with this series. Even with the better pacing, I feel that Dragon Ball GT is overall the weakest anime series in the Dragon Ball franchise.

I would recommend this set to any Dragon Ball fan that must have all of the episodes of the franchise on DVD.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of this set that my husband and I purchased.

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
A Devastating Wish
Pan Blasts Off
Terror On Imecka
The Most Wanted List
Goku vs. Ledgic
Like Pulling Teeth
Trunks, The Bride
Whisker Power
Lord Luud
Dance And Attack
Lord Luud's Curse
The Last Oracle of Luud
The Man Behind the Curtain
The Battle Within
Beginning of the End
Giru's Checkered Past
Pan's Gambit
Unexpected Power
A General Uprising
The Source of Rilldo's Power
A Secret Revealed

Disc 4
Disc 5
The Baby Secret
Hidden Danger
Discovering The Truth
Baby's Arrival
Saiyan Hunting
The Attack on Vegeta
A Worldwide Problem

The Fall of the Saiyans
The Game After Life
Collapse From Within
The Return of Uub
The Tail's Tale
Back in the Game

Bonus Features

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