Talking About Race In America

Talking About Race In America
There's been more talk about race issues in America since President Obama became President. In recent weeks, the outcry over the death of a young seventeen year old, Trayvon Martin, has shone light on what black Americans already are aware of: That things still are not equal or civil when it comes to being Black in America; especially for black males.

For quite sometime now, the discussion of race has been a tough subject to broach. It has always been a hot button topic which can fuel anger and animosity, as well as disagreements and arguments in epic proportions. Many are afraid to express what they truly feel, in fear of retaliation for speaking up.

Race is always going to be a hot button topic. The subject of race or racism will always bring about an uneasy feeling and cause emotions to rise; especially if you have been on the receiving end of injustice and hate, or racial profiling. Or, have been accused of being a racist or perceived as being prejudice in any way.

America can no longer sit back and hide behind the fact that it has a Black President, and say that it has evolved as a nation, and the subject of race is not as important as it once was. That, America does not continue to have racial conflict within its supposedly United States. It must face its weaknesses and
begin to address the causes and the solutions to these issues at hand.

The talk of race in America is uncomfortable for many. However, not talking about it or evading the issues at hand does not alleviate it or make it disappear. Instead, it only festers and picks up legs and feet and begins to run amok; causing devastation in its wake.

In light of all of this; it is imperative to deal with the proverbial elephant in the room, and begin having
open and honest dialogues concerning race relations in America. It is vitally important to come together, address the issues head on, discuss what is going on, and come in agreement of how to move forward and bring an end to injustices that are taking place each and every day.

As a people, there is a responsibility to stand up and fight for what is right. To do all that one can to ensure the safety and rights of every person, regardless of race or ethnicity. As a nation, it is imperative to stand and fight for what is right and to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and to help facilitate change that will benefit its nation as a whole.

President Obama was lambasted for speaking on the issues concerning the case of Trayvon Martin. It was felt by many that he should have refrained from saying anything. Here's the deal with that: As a Black man and the leader of a nation that supposedly celebrates all races, how could he not say something, considering the fact that since his election, he has faced the same continuing issues facing Black Americans. The ridicule and disrespect that has been hurled at President Obama is unlike any other President has ever seen, heard or received.

Racial issues in America have always been one topic that many prefer not to discuss, because it seems to bring out the worse in people. However, the race issues facing America cannot be swept under the rug. It must be dealt with. There needs to be more open and honest dialogues, and solutions to the growing concerns that are facing not just Black Americans, but all races.

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